Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VOIVOD: [1995] Negatron @320kbps

2.Project X
6.Planet Hell
8.Cosmic Conspiracy
10.D.N.A. (Don't No Anything)

..label - Mausoleum Records
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - http://www.voivod.net/

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SAVATAGE: [1985] The Dungeons Are Calling

A much heavier effort than the preceding Sirens (although recorded at the same sessions), The Dungeons Are Calling was a less diverse, if more cohesive statement. The title track opens the album with haunting vocals and eerie guitar, soon erupting into one of the group's most intense anthems. "By the Grace of the Witch," the following song, is another fist-pumping number with an unshakable rhythm. It was on this album that the group first really started using synthesizers, and while none of the songs are driven by the instrument, they are used to nice effect on the title track and "City Beneath the Surface." It was in the lyrics, however, that the greatest difference was heard between The Dungeons Are Calling and Sirens. Here, almost all the songs are firmly entrenched in dark fantasy tales of hell, witches, and knights. "The Whip," the one exception, is an almost throwaway S&M number that does not show the band at their best. Although these topics might seem quite dated to many modern listeners, with the thundering guitar and rhythm section on such tracks as "Midas Knight" and "City Beneath the Surface," it's easy just to get lost in the blinding music.
-- by Geoff Orens, Allmusic Guide

1.The Dungeons are Calling
2.By the Grace of the Witch
4.Midas Knight
5.City Beneath the Surface
6.The Whip
7.Fighting For Your Love
8.Sirens [Live]

..label - Metal Blade Records
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - www.savatage.com/

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PANTERA: [1992] Vulgar Display Of Power @320kbps

One of the most influential heavy metal albums of the 1990s, Vulgar Display of Power is just what is says: a raw, pulverizing, insanely intense depiction of naked rage and hostility that drains its listeners and pounds them into submission. Even the "ballads," "This Love" and "Hollow," have thunderingly loud, aggressive chorus sections. Preaching power through strength and integrity, Phil Anselmo discards any further attempts at singing in favor of a militaristic bark and an unhinged roar, while the crystal-clear production sets Diamond Darrell's pummeling riffs against a rhythmic backdrop so thunderously supportive that Darrell often solos without underlying rhythm guitar parts. The album again follows Cowboys from Hell's strategy of stacking the best songs at the beginning and letting their momentum carry the listener through the rest, but the riffs and sonic textures are more consistently interesting this time around. Pantera's thick-sounding, post-hardcore power metal and outraged, testosterone-drenched intensity would help pave the way for alternative metal acts like Korn and Tool; Vulgar Display of Power is the best distillation of those virtues.
-- by Steve Huey, Allmusic Guide

1.Mouth For War
2.A New Level
4.Fucking Hostile
5.This Love
7.No Good (Attack the Radical)
8.Live in a Hole
9.Regular People (Conceit)
10.By Demons Be Driven

..label - ATCO Records
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - http://www.pantera.com/

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OVERKILL: [1993] I Hear Black @320kbps

After releasing perhaps the finest, most musical recording of the band's already considerable thrash metal career in 1991, Overkill followed up Horrorscope in 1993 with I Hear Black, a slightly more dense, ambitious recording, and the band's first for Atlantic Records. There had been a few lineup changes over the first years of their recording career and the only original members to appear on I Hear Black are vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni. Ellsworth and Verni are joined by relative newcomers Rov Cannavino and Merrit Gant on guitars and Tim Mallare on drums. Initially, I Hear Black was met with a somewhat cool response by the group's thrash fan base but, over time, metal fans of all varieties have come to appreciate the slower, more dynamic grind that at first confused fans expecting exclusively lightning-fast riffs from the group. The opening "Dreaming in Columbian," the title track, and "Weight of the World" are all mid-tempo metal highlights featuring some decent work by Ellsworth especially, as the singer continues his '90s trend by focusing slightly more on melody, going over the top only where necessary. While not an important release for its genre or even for the band, Overkill's I Hear Black is still a respectable post-thrash offering.
-- by Vincent Jeffries, Allmusic Guide

1.Dreaming in Columbian
2.I Hear Black
3.World of Hurt
4.Feed My Head
5.Shades of Grey
6.Spiritual Void
7.Ghost Dance
8.Weight of the World
9.Ignorance & Innocence
11.Just Like You

..label - Atlantic
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - http://www.wreckingcrew.com/crew/

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DANZIG: [1999] Danzig 6:66 - Satan's Child @320kbps

Danzig's last release of the 20th century, 6:66 Satan's Child, follows the same formula as his last album (1996's Blackacidevil) -- gone are the straightforward Jim Morrison-meets-Black Sabbath-sounding songs of the band's first few albums, replaced by metallic industrial sounds (comparable to Godflesh, White Zombie, etc.). Singer Glenn Danzig is the only remaining member of his original solo lineup and, as on his previous album, handles guitar duties (filling out the lineup are Lazie on bass and Joey C. on drums). Although Danzig's musical style may have shifted over the years, the outfit's trademark sex'n'Satan imagery remains the same, as evidenced by the album title, lyrics, comic book-style cover, and the CD booklet photos. While such tracks as "Belly of the Beast" and "Lilin" move at a dirge-like pace, they also pack quite a sonic punch, courtesy of the album's production team of Glenn and Peter Lorimer (Orgy members Amir Derakh and Jay Gordon mixed several tracks as well). Longtime Danzig fans will know what to expect from such titles as "Cult W/out a Name," "Firemass," "Satans Child," and "Apokalips."
-- by Greg Prato, Allmusic Guide

1.Five Finger Crawl
2.Belly of the Beast
5.Cult Without a Name
6.East Indian Devil (Kali's Song)
8.Cold Eternal
9.Satans Child
10.Into the Mouth of Abandonment

..label - Evilive Records
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - http://www.danzig-verotik.com/

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

CLUTCH: [1997] Impetus [EP]

Clutch combined elements of funk, Led Zeppelin, and metal with vocals inspired by Faith No More. Formed in 1991 in Germantown, MD, the group included Neil Fallon (vocals), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass), and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums). They built a local following through constant gigging, and after just one 7" single (the classic Earache release "Passive Restraints") Clutch was signed by EastWest Records. Their debut LP, Transnational Speedway League, followed in 1993. A self-titled album appeared two years later and afforded Clutch some mainstream exposure. They jumped to the larger Columbia label for 1998's Elephant Riders, and many thought the group might join their sonic cousins Korn and Deftones in the alternative metal winner's circle. That didn't quite happen. But it didn't matter, because a quality fan base continued to thrive for Clutch.
-- by John Bush, Allmusic Guide

1.Impetus (demo)
2.Pile Driver
3.Passive Restraints
5.High Caliber Consecrator

..label - Earache Records
..buy - http://www.pro-rock.com/
..home page - http://www.pro-rock.com/

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GODSMACK: [2003] Faceless

Godsmack's first, slow-burning success -- the self-titled debut from 1998 -- spent two years climbing charts and selling records as the witchy minstrels of alternative metal wound their way across the country on two consecutive Ozzfest tours. The sound was familiar enough, recalling Alice in Chains in both vocalist Sully Erna's tortured howls and their very name, taken from that band's excellent 1992 release, Dirt. And while it initially failed to impress critics, fans quickly picked up on the band's industrial touch to the post-grunge sound. Likewise, 2001's Awake was regarded by some as a sophomore slump, with only half of the sales of Godsmack's debut, but "slump" in this case equaled double-platinum. And though the sales did validate the band's effort to some extent, Awake was full of growing pains, as they tried in vain to shed their influences and ended up with a record that had successful moments, but its reliance on stop-start rhythms often left it sounding sorely underwritten. Faceless, Godsmack's third full-length, grooves more fluidly than Awake, but the band still hasn't managed to locate the pop hooks that made their debut a success. And while concentrating on texture can be just as interesting as hooks, lyrics as misanthropic as Erna's only sink Faceless further into the mire.
-- by Wade Kergan, Allmusic Guide

1.Straight Out of Line
4.Make Me Believe
5.I Stand Alone
7.I Fucking Hate You
8.Releasing the Demons
9.Dead And Broken
10.I Am
11.The Awakening

..label - Universal
..buy - http://www.godsmack.com/
..home page - http://www.godsmack.com/

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FUDGE TUNNEL: [1994] The Complicated Futility of Ignorance + In A Word [EP]

The final release from Fudge Tunnel, Complicated Futility of Ignorance comes off like a modern, slightly mechanized Motörhead, comparable to late Prong perhaps, but more dynamic and without any of the industrial gimmicks. This record drips with the blood of calloused hands shredded in an attempt to extricate every ounce of heaviness from the many angular and distorted guitar riffs. Not one to ever hold back, guitarist/vocalist Alex Newport leads his band (that also includes David Riley on bass and Adrian Parkin on drums) through one relentless and violent metal groove-fest after another. The quality is consistant throughout this recording, but the doom-inflected "Six Eight" and the ruthless opener "Random Acts of Cruelty" are subtle standouts. Fans of sludgy, extreme metal not yet familiar with the influential Fudge Tunnel would do well to acquaint themselves with Complicated Futility of Ignorance, perhaps the best of this group's many fine offerings.
-- by Vincent Jeffries, Allmusic Guide

1.Random Acts of Cruelty
2.The Joy of Irony
3.Backed Down
4.Cover Up
5.Six Eight
6.Long Day
8.Find Your Fortune
9.Suffering Makes Great Stories
10.Circle of Friends, Circle of Trends
11.Rudge With a G

..label - Earache Records
..buy - http://www.myspace.com/ftunnel
..home page - http://www.myspace.com/ftunnel

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BATTLELORE: [2002] Where The Shadows Lie

The debut full-length from Finnish fantasy/gothic metal outfit Battlelore, Where the Shadows Lie, displays more songwriting and arrangement skills than listeners might expect from a new act. One reason for the group's original delivery is their unconventional lineup. In all, there are seven members including three vocalists performing on this 2002 offering. Founder/guitarist Jyri Vahvanen is joined by guitarist and co-lead vocalist Tommi Havo, second (clean) vocalist Patrik Mennander, female vocalist Kaisa Jouhki, keyboard player Maria, drummer Henri Vahvanen, and bassist Miika Kokkola. Together, these musicians deliver highly melodic, finely crafted material. Maria's contributions are essential, which in noteworthy as keyboards rarely play more than a supporting role in similar metal combos. Coherent and stylized, this record should impress fans of Battlelore's rather specialized genre.
-- by Vincent Jeffries, Allmusic Guide

2.The Grey Wizard
3.Raging Goblin
4.Journey to Undying Lands
7.The Green Maid
8.Khazad D'am, Pt.1
9.Ride With the Dragons

..label - Napalm/SPV
..buy - http://www.battlelore.net/
..home page - http://www.battlelore.net/

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RAGE: From the Cradle to the Stage - 20th Anniversary [DCD][320k]

Of all of rock & roll's many comatose old tricks, few are hanging as tenuously to their life-support systems as that absolute relic known as the live album. Having said that, Rage's first such effort, From the Cradle to the Stage, benefits from a better premise (celebrating the enduring power thrashers' 20th anniversary), a better track listing, and a better overall recording quality than most half-hearted, contract-fulfilling entries into the format. Recorded in the German town of Bochum on January 25, 2004 over the course of a grueling, three-hour-plus performance, the two-disc extravaganza packs most of the necessary classics ("Suicide," "Don't Fear the Winter," the ancient Avenger track "Prayers of Steel," etc.) in with representative cuts from the band's later-day albums ("Refuge," "Solitary Man," etc.), and, to remind us of the band's '80s origins, the mandatory drum and guitar solos (goofily and pointlessly titled "Anarchy" and "Rocket Science," respectively). Really, From the Cradle to the Stage offers pretty much perfect fodder for committed Rage fans sharing the band's celebratory mood, but won't prove nearly as crucial to casual observers -- lest they consider live albums valid replacements for greatest-hits sets.
-- by Eduardo Rivadavia, Allmusic Guide


Disc One
1.Orgy of Destruction
2.War of Worlds
3.Great Old Ones
4.Paint the Devil on the Wall
5.Sent by the Devil
8.Prayers of Steel
10.Days of December
12.Anarchy (drum solo)
13.Enough is Enough
14.INvisible Horizons
15.Set this World on Fire

Disc Two
1.Flesh and Blood
2.Rocket Science (guitar solo)
4.Straight to Hell
5.Back in Time
7.From the Cradle to the Grave
8.Black in Mind
9.Solitary Man
10.Don't Fear the Winter
11.All I Want
12.Higher Than The Sky

..label - SPV (www.spv.de)
..buy - www.spv.de
..home page - www.rage-on.de

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HEAVEN & HELL: [2007] Radio City Music Hall Live [DCD]

In 2006, the thunderous four-man Sabbath line-up fronted by Ronnie James Dio reformed in the studio to record three new tracks for Rhino’s Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. The chemistry between Dio, Vinny Appice and original Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler was so explosive that they agreed to officially reunite under the group name Heaven And Hell the title of their revered first album and hit the road. Marking the first time the hard rocking quartet had played live together in fifteen years, the launch of the Heaven And Hell tour has unleashed furious sonics and an awesome metal spectacle that’s been ecstatically received by fans. Recorded on March 30, 2007 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, this extraordinary concert album captures the band bashing through Sabbath’s Dio-era best at a show that sold out in a matter of minutes.


Disc One
1.E5150After All (The Dead)
2.The Mob Rules
3.Children of the Sea
4.Lady Evil
6.The Sign of the Southern Cross
8.The Devil Cried

Disc Two
1.Computer God
2.Falling Off the Edge of the World
3.Shadow of the Wind
4.Die Young
5.Heaven and Hell
6.Lonely is the Word
7.Neon Knights

..label - Rhino
..buy - AMAZON
..home page - http://www.heavenandhelllive.com/

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

SOZIEDAD ALKOHOLIKA: [2003] Tiempos Oscuros

Formerly known as Amonal, Spanish five-piece rock act Soziedad Alkoholika got involved in the Basque scene by the end of the 1980s, making its debut with the release of a demo called Intoxicación Etílica in 1990, followed by a self-titled album and an EP called Feliz Falsedad, released in 1992. A year later, the band started a small venues tour, successfully playing in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, and France. In 1995 the group founded its own record label Mil a Gritos, issuing Ratas that same year. By the end of 1998, Soziedad Alkoholika recorded three performances, issuing a live record called Directo in 1999, followed by 2000's Polvo en Los Ojos.
-- by Drago Bonacich, Allmusic

1.Tiempos Oscuros
2.Piedra Contra Tijera
3.En El Bucle
4.Ñas Pequeñas Cosas
5.Stop Criminilización
8.El Beneficio de La Duda
9.A Solas Con El Mundo
10.Casas Vacías
11.Terrorismo Patronal

..label - Locomotive Music
..buy - www.soziedadalkoholika.com/
..home page - www.soziedadalkoholika.com/

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SLAYER: [2006] Christ Illusion

The reunion of the original Slayer lineup appears for the first time in the studio since 1990's Seasons in the Abyss (a record that topped off one of the great four-album stands in metal history: Hell Awaits, Reign in Blood, and South of Heaven preceded it). Drummer Dave Lombardo's retaking of the drum chair places the band back on the edge, pushing themselves and the genre to look back at where they've been and where they go from here. For a band that has been together as long as Slayer has, they have never made concessions and have stubbornly refused to sound like anyone but themselves. Christ Illusion is a raging, forward-thinking heavy metal melding with hardcore thrash; this is what made them such a breath of fresh air in the first place. And while they no longer sound terrifying, that was never their point anyway. Slayer rips through these ten songs, complete with lightning changes, off-kilter rhythms, and riff invention, together with plodding crescendos, sick-as-hell guitar breaks, and dark, unrelentingly twisted-as-f*ck lyrics that reflect a singular intensity. The big themes on Christ Illusion center on the perverse myth of religion and its responsibility for, and cause of, war. One can talk about the power big-money has at stake in the Middle Eastern havoc, but the root, according to some of these songs, is the culture war between two competing myths, Christianity and Islam, that this time out could result in the apocalypse. On the opener, "Flesh Storm," Tom Araya roars the refrain above the guitars and frantic drumming: "It's all just psychotic devotion/Manipulated with no discretion/Relentless/Warfare knows no compassion/Thrives with no evolution/Unstable minds exacerbate/Unrest in peace...only the fallen have won/Because the fallen can't run/My vision's not obscure/For war there is no cure/So here the only law/Is men killing men/For someone else's cause."
-- by Thom Jurek, Allmusic

1.Flesh Storm
3.Skeleton Christ
4.Eyes of the Insane
8.Black Serenade

..label - American Recordings
..buy - Amazon
..home page - http://www.slayer.net/

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SATAN: [1997] Court in the Act

After nearly three years of climbing its way through the heavy metal underground, Newcastle, England-based Satan was all set to record its debut album for Neat Records. But then, in a move more common in the wide world of sports, they suddenly decided to make a trade, swapping vocalists with local act Avenger to land the talents of well-regarded free agent Brian Ross -- he of Blitzkrieg fame. Thus strengthened, the group proceeded to record what at the time surely ranked among the heaviest albums yet recorded -- even within the fast-evolving New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Indeed, 1983's Court in the Act bordered on the yet undefined style of thrash metal, thanks to the frenetic speeds achieved in cuts like "Trial By Fire" and the amazing "Break Free." But the album also boasted more accessible and melodic mid-paced metal fare, putting great effort into the memorable melodies and choruses heard on "Broken Treaties," "Hunt You Down," and early-day favorite "Blades of Steel." The unusual decision to sequence two instrumental tracks ("The Ritual" and "Dark Side of Innocence") back to back draws attention to the hyperactive lead guitar tandem of Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins (as if that was even necessary), whose commanding performances throughout and frequent fretboard shredding competitions occasionally rival their heroes Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing of Judas Priest fame. Many years on, Court in the Act retains that strangely contradictory combination of compositional innocence and proto-thrash vision common to many NWOBHM bands, but, with the exception of Ross' painful falsetto punctuations here and there, the overall sound reaches across the decades in only slightly dated fashion.
And for committed heavy metal enthusiasts, these qualities do nothing except enrich the final product, making this hard to find album well worth seeking out. [Roadrunner/Neat's 1997 reissue added three bonus cuts, including two rarities recorded just prior to Brian Ross' departure to rejoin Blitzkrieg.] -- by Eduardo Rivadavia, Allmusic

1.Into the Fire
2.Trial by Fire
3.Blades of Steel
4.No Turning Back
5.Broken Treaties
6.Break Free
7.Hunt You Down
8.The Ritual
9.Dark Side of Innocence
10.Alone in the Dark
12.Pull the Trigger
13.Break Free (Single Version)

..label - Roadrunner Records
..buy - Amazon
..home page -

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SATAN: [1995] Suspended Sentence & Into the Future

One of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal's most convoluted family trees belongs to the band known predominantly as Satan. Besides regularly undergoing name changes (Blind Fury and Pariah were only two of the aliases employed each time the group decided their original name was compromising their chances of success), the band's history regularly intersected that of any number of competing groups out of the Northeast, most notably Blitzkrieg and Skyclad. The seeds of the band that would become Satan were planted in Newcastle, England, toward the end of 1980, when a semifirm lineup consisting of vocalist Trevor Robinson, guitarists Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins, bassist Graeme English, and drummer Andy Reed finally coalesced. The band's first single, the imminently collectable "Kiss of Death," was released by independent label Guardian Records in the first months of 1982, and after welcoming new drummer Sean Taylor and replacing singer Robinson, first with one Ian Swift, then with the more experienced Brian Ross (ex-Blitzkrieg), sessions began for a full-length album.
-- by Ed Rivadavia, Allmusic

1.92nd Symphony
2.Who Dies Wins
3.11th Commandment
4.Suicidal Justice
7.Avalanche of a Million Hearts
8.Calculated Execution
9.Key to Oblivion
10.Hear Evil,See Evil,Speak Evil
11.Fuck You
12.The Ice Man

..label - SPV
..buy - Amazon
..home page -

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ROB ZOMBIE - [2003] House Of 1.000 Corpses

The longtime frontman for metal superstars White Zombie, Rob Zombie was born Robert Cummings on January 12, 1966, in Haverhill, MA, forming the group soon after moving to New York City circa 1985. He subsequently worked as a bike messenger, porn magazine art director, and production assistant for the classic children's TV series Pee-Wee's Playhouse, concurrently leading White Zombie through a series of cult-favorite indie releases; the success of their 1992 major-label debut, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, not only launched Zombie to new prominence within the music industry, but also allowed him to try his hand at animation (most notably a hallucinatory sequence of the feature Beavis & Butt-Head Do America) and directing (he was slated to helm the third chapter of The Crow franchise, working from his own screenplay, but Miramax Films eventually pulled out of the deal).
In mid-1998 Zombie made his solo debut with the album Hellbilly Deluxe; when it sold more copies in its first week of release than any White Zombie record before it, he disbanded the group to forge ahead as a full-time solo act, issuing American Made Music to Strip By in the fall of 1999. Starting his own label, Zombie-a-Go-Go Records, he gave bands like the Ghastly Ones a home while creating demented mix CDs like Halloween Hootenanny. He delivered remixes to a number of soundtracks while recording a new song for the Mission Impossible: 2 soundtrack, and he rounded out his first major solo run with a Rob Zombie toy produced by Todd McFarlane.
-- by Jason Ankeny & Bradley Torreano

1.Howdy Folks
2.House of 1.000 Corpses
3.Saddle Up the Mule
4.Everybody Scream
5.Stuck In the Mud
6.Holy Miss Moley
7.Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
8.Run Rabbit Run
9.Into the Pit
10.Something For You Men
11.I Wanna Be Loved By You
12.Pussy Liquor
13.Scarecrow Attack
14.My Baby Boy
15.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
16.Investigation And The Smokehouse
17.The Bigger The Cushion
18.I Remember You
19.I Want to Be Bad
20.Mary's Escape
21.Little Piggy
23.Dr. Satan
24.Brickhouse 2003
25.To The House

..label -
..buy - Amazon
..home page - www.robzombie.com/

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LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR: [2006] The Ultimate Destroyer

*The intent is to make HEAVY FUCKING METAL based on the bloodiest tales in Greek mythology.
*Formed by Steven Rathbone in the spring of 2003 in Chicago. He enlisted Donald James Barraca (also in 7000 Dying Rats) on bass and longtime friend Larry Herweg (Tusk, Pelican) on drums.
*Recorded a demo EP in November 2003 with Sanford Parker at Volume Studios. Released March 2004, 300 pressed.
*Signed with Southern Lord Records July 2004. Recorded two more songs at Volume Studios with Parker, added to the 6 songs from the demo EP.
*Released CARNAGE in September 2004 on Southern Lord Records. 666 pressed of LP on red vinyl.
*Video for “The Wolf” released February 2005. Directed by Tom Denney.
*Recorded at Volume Studios with Parker in July 2005 for forthcoming EP and 2nd full-length album.
*Released CANNIBAL MASSACRE EP October 2005 on Southern Lord Records. Ltd. .
*Released THE ULTIMATE DESTROYER in April 2006 on Southern Lord Records.
*The song “Warlord” featured on the Tony Hawk American Wasteland game. Released September 2006 by Activision.

1.Juggernaut of Metal
2.Behead the Gorgon
3.The Ultimate Destroyer
5.Grisly Hound of the Pit
6.Cannibal Massacre
7.Lord of Butchery
8.Engorged with Unborn Gore
9.The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain

..label - Southern Lord Records
..buy - http://www.lairoftheminotaur.com/site/?page_id=3
..home page - http://www.lairoftheminotaur.com/site/

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RAZOR: [1987] Custom Killing

1. Survival Of the Fittest
2. Shootout
3. Forced Annihilation
4. Last Rites
5. Snake Eyes
6. White Noise
7. Going Under
8. Russian Ballet (Instrumental)

..label -
..buy - Amazon
..home page -

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SACRIFICE: [1993] Apocalypse Inside

Inspired by the thrashy intensity of bands like Metallica and Slayer, Sacrifice became an early, if unheralded, part of the developing death metal scene in the mid-'80s. But their sound stayed largely the same over the years, and 1993's Apocalypse Inside, while generally acknowledged as their best album, also sounds very old-school in comparison to modern death metal, more sensibility than sound. It's fast, furious, and aggressive, to be sure, but recognizably rooted in the '80s in its arrangements, instrumental work, and production. There are touches of Mercyful Fate-esque gothic metal, while at other times the group resembles a second-tier speed-metal act, like Exodus or Metal Church. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, especially since Apocalypse Inside is very well executed. The songs are progressive and the riffs memorable, the musicianship is technically accomplished (thanks in part to new drummer Michael Rosenthal, who brings a jazz-rock sensibility to some passages), and the production is clear and nicely balanced. Unfortunately, Sacrifice was never able to build on Apocalypse Inside's achievements, and disbanded for the second time following its release.
-- by Steve Huey, Allmusic

1.My Eyes See Red
2.Apocalypse Inside
5.Beneath What You See
7.Ruins of the Old
8.The Lost
9.Freedom Slave

..label - Metal Blade Records
..buy - Amazon
..home page - http://www.sacrifice.com.br/principal.asp

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ROB ZOMBIE - [2001] The Sinister Urge

Hard rock's brightest shock rocker avoids the sophomore slump on the fun and energetic The Sinister Urge. Zombie's trademark growl is still in fine form, roaring over the 11 tracks with his unique blend of acid-throated venom. But most interesting are the directions he tries to bring to his familiar sound, which he has been cultivating since the hardcore punk days of White Zombie. "Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)" is the most apparent example of this, a song that borders on pop with its groovy handclaps and acoustic guitars. But not to be worried, the chorus kicks back into classic Zombie, complete with sampled crowd chants and his trademark "yeah." "Going to California" has a similar vibe, albeit darker and with a Welcome to My Nightmare-era Alice Cooper showbiz quality to it. But when it comes time to rock out, Zombie is more than ready. "Dead Girl Superstar" is probably the best of the bunch, raging along at lightning speed and featuring an awesome guest appearance by Slayer guitarist Kerry King. "Iron Head" is also quite good, matching Zombie's bark with guest singer Ozzy Osbourne's trademark banshee wail over a swaggering beat and chugging riff. And finally there is "House of 1000 Corpses," the theme from the film Zombie directed that apparently offended Universal Studios so much that they refused to release it. The song is a nice departure for him, like a Leonard Cohen song filtered through Violator-era Depeche Mode. It is the slow burn of this last track that shows the most promise; after years of making good heavy metal, he finally expands the boundaries of his own sound. Few metal musicians kept their sound fresh for as long as Zombie, and this album is no exception. This may not win any new fans, but anyone who enjoyed his old material will probably find this to be a welcome addition to their collection. Listen for the bonus track, "Unholy Three," about a minute after the last track ends.
-- by Bradley Torreano, Allmusic

1.Sinners Inc.
2.Demon Speeding
3.Dead Girl Superstar
4.Never Gonna Stop
5.Iron Head
6.Go To California
7.Feel So Dumb
8.Transylvania Transmission
9.Bring Her Down
10.Scum of the Earth
11.House of the 1.000 Corpses

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RIFF RAFF: [1983] Give the Dead Man Some Water

1.Give the Dead Man Some Water
2.Hangman At Dawn
3.Drug Runners
4.Shout Out 'N' Loud
5.Dark Side
6.Saloon Fighters
7.Baba O'Riley
8.Mourning Veil

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RAZOR: [1985] Evil Invaders

1. Nowhere Fast
2. Cross Me Fool
3. Legacy of Doom
4. Evil Invaders
5. Iron Hammer
6. Instant Death
7. Cut Throat
8. Speed Merchants
9. Tortured Skull
10. Thrashdance

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RIFF RAFF: [1982] Robot Stud

1.Robot Stud
2.Riff Raff
3.Dead On My Feet
4.Break Out
5.Fooling With A 44
6.(Don't You Think) It's Disgusting
7.Back of the Blue Dove
8.It's All Over Now
9.Snow Lake
10.Attack'd By Surprise

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ROB ZOMBIE - [1999] American Made Music To Strip By

Rob Zombie's American Made Music to Strip By features remixes of songs from Hellbilly Deluxe by like-minded producers and artists such as former Nine Inch Nails members Charlie Clouser and Chris Vrenna, Rammstein, God Lives Underwater, and Philip Steir, formerly of Consolidated. The sexy, sleazy, horror-movie vibe of Hellbilly Deluxe is amplified on a remix of "What Lurks on Channel X?" by the Spacetruckers, Rammstein's reworking of "Spookshow Baby," and the "Poly 915" remix of "Demonoid Phenomenon." Clouser turns in revamped versions of "Superbeast," "Dragula," and "Living Dead Girl" that expand on the songs' creepy yet hard-hitting feel. American Made Music to Strip By also includes a 28-page booklet of artwork and photos from the Hellbilly Deluxe tour.
-- by Heather Phares, Allmusic

1.Dragula [Si Non Oscillas,Noli Tintnnare Mix]
2.Superbeast [Porno Holocaust]
3.How to Make a Monster [Kitty's Purrrformance Mix]
4.Living Dead Girl [Subliminal Sedcution Mix]
5.Spookshow Baby [Black Leather Cat Suit Mix]
6.Demonoid Phenomenon [Sin Lives Mix]
7.Ballad of Resurrection Joe and Rosa Whore [Mix]
8.What Lurks On Channel X [XXX Mix]
9.Meet The Creeper [Pink Pussy Mix]
10.Return of the Phantom Stranger [...Shop Mix]
11.Superbeast [Girl On A Motorcycle Mix]
12.Meet The Creeper [Brute Man & Wonder Girl Mix]

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