Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Camel: (1977) Rain Dances (Polydor)

The band's fifth release, Rain Dances is Camel at its best, offering the most consistent and representative package in their saga. The addition of Caravan-cofounder Richard Sinclair proves profitable, as do a few colorist touches by Brian Eno on "Elke." Mel Collins' woodwinds are among the highlights, especially on "Tell Me" and the title track. From beginning to end, this project flows gracefully. ~~ Matthew Plichta,

1.First Light
3.Tell Me
4.Highways Of The Sun
6.One of These Days I'll Get An Early Night
9.Rain Dances
10.Highway Of The Sun (Single Version)


Y&T: (2003) Lorca Rock (Bootleg)

1.Intro From The Moon
2.Open Fire
3.Eyes of A Stranger
4.Dirty Girl
6.Rescue Me
7.Mean Streak
8.Winds Of Change
9.Summertime Girls
10.Game Playing Woman
11.I Believe In You
13.Black Tiger

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Anathema: (2003) A Natural Disaster

4.Are You There?
5.Childhood Dream
6.Pulled Under at 2000 Meters a Second
7.A Natural Disaster


Camel: (1976) Moonmadness (LONDON-810 879-2)

Abandoning the lovely soundscapes of Snow Goose, Camel delved into layered guitar and synthesizers similar to those of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on the impressive Moonmadness. Part of the reason behind the shift in musical direction was the label's insistence that Camel venture into more commercial territory after the experimental Snow Goose, and it is true that the music on Moonmadness is more akin to traditional English progressive rock, even though it does occasionally dip into jazz-fusion territory with syncopated rhythms and shimmering keyboards. Furthermore, the songs are a little more concise and accessible than those of its predecessor. That doesn't mean Camel has abandoned art. Moonmadness is indeed a concept album, based loosely on the personalities of each member -- "Chord Change" is Peter Bardens, "Air Born" is Andy Latimer, "Lunar Sea" is Andy Ward and "Another Night" is Doug Ferguson. Certainly, it's a concept that is considerably less defined than that of Snow Goose, and the music isn't quite as challenging, yet that doesn't mean that Moonmadness is devoid of pleasure. In fact, with its long stretches of atmospheric instrumentals and spacy solos, it's quite rewarding. ~~ Daevid Jehnzen,

2.Song Within A Song
3.Chord Change
4.Spirit Of The Water
5.Another Night
6.Air Born
7.Lunar Sea


Camel: (1975) The Snow Goose (Deram 800080-2)

Camel's classic period started with The Snow Goose, an instrumental concept album based on a novella by Paul Gallico. Although there are no lyrics on the album -- two songs feature wordless vocals -- the music follows the emotional arc of the novella's story, which is about a lonely man named Rhayader who helps nurse a wounded snow goose back to health with the help of a young girl called Fritha he recently befriended. Once the goose is healed, it is set free, but Fritha no longer visits the man because the goose is gone. Later, Rhayader is killed in battle during the evacuation of Dunkirk. The goose returned during the battle, and it is then named La Princesse Perdue, symbolizing the hopes that can still survive even during the evils of war. With such a complex fable to tell, it is no surprise that Camel keep their improvisational tendencies reigned in, deciding to concentrate on surging, intricate soundscapes that telegraph the emotion of the piece without a single word. And even though The Snow Goose is an instrumental album, it is far more accessible than some of Camel's later work, since it relies on beautiful sonic textures instead of musical experimentation. ~~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

1.The Great Marsh
3.Rhayader Goes To Town
6.The Snow Goose
9.Rhayader Alone
10.Flight Of The Snow Goose
14.Fritha Alone
15.La Princesse Perdue
16.The Great Marsh



This is the new Episode of Bleeding Metal, the Heavy Metal Breed Blog's podcast, enjoy Metal fans!!!

1.CRUCIFIED BARBARA "Into the Fire" from 2012 album "The Midnight Chase"
2.AXEVYPER "Crossfire" from 2012 album "Metal Crossfire"
3.CANDLEMASS "The Lights Of Thebe" from 2012 album "Psalms For The Dead"
4.MALICE "Sinister Double" from the 2012 album "New Breed Of Godz"
5.UGLY KID JOE "You Make Me Sick" from the 2012 EP "Stairway To Hell"
6.WEST OF HELL "Water Of Sorcery" from the 2012 album "Spiral Empire"
7.VIKING SKULL "You Look Like I Need A Beer" from the 2012 album "Cursed By The Sword"
8.RENUEN "Dance With The Devil" from the 2012 album "Sublimated"
9.JETTBLACK "System" from the 2012 album "Raining Rock"
10.VIOLENT GIBSON "Original Sinner" from the 2012 album "American Circus"
11.ROYAL THUNDER "Whispering World" from the 2012 album "CVI"
12.SCARLET ANGER "New Good Rising" from the 2012 album "Dark Reign"
13.ANGELUS APATRIDA "Violent Dawn" from the 2012 album "The Call"
14.EXUMER "Vermin Of The Sky" from the 2012 album "Fire & Damnation"
15.DARK TRANQUILITY "Out Of Gravity" from the 2012 EP "Zero Distance"

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