Saturday, January 12, 2008

POSSESSED: Beyond the Gates + Eyes of Horror @ 192kbps

This CD is quite a bit different from "Seven Churches." Its a lot faster, I feel, more technical, less repetition, and the production is a little muddy. The intro is really cool, a definate step ahead for Possessed, because its mostly clean guitars. Jeff Beccara kicks some major booty on vocals! This dude has THE voice of death metal! --- By N. Jacobs

1. Intro - The Heretic
2. Tribulation
3. March To Die
4. Phantasm
5. No Will To Live
6. Beyond The Gates
7. The Beasts Of The Apocalypse
8. Seance
9. Restless Dead
10. Dog Fight
11. Confessions
12. My Belief
13. The Eyes of Horror
14. Swing Of the Axe
15. Storm in My Mind

pass - heavymetalbreed

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Anonymous said...

Thanks; it's hard to find Possessed stuff round these parts