Saturday, February 19, 2011

Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama

1.Stabbing the Drama
2.One with The Flies
3.Weapon of Vanity
4.The Crestfallen
8.Observation Slave
9.Fate in Motion
10.Blind Eye Halo
11.If Possible
12.Wherever Thorns May Grow

year- 2005
Home Page-
password- hmb

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burn said...

Nagiants40.. Thanks for the comment on my blog.!! i lost interest for a sec but keep it bookmarked i'm back to updating. right now tho i'm in the process of uploading all 7 plus gb's of my tape rips to mediafire HA taking so long. crappy upload speed. but after that's done i'll be posting new releases again. also.. you're definitely running a sweet blog yourself.!! take care homie.