Sunday, October 28, 2007


Amazing album. Amazing band. There is true creative and music genius behind this group and behind the concept of "Gospel Cola". Though Atomic Opera have a distinct sound all their own and sound like no one, if you need a comparison think the groove and crunch/sludge of King's X with the progressiveness of Galactic Cowboys...topped off with more varied instrumentation (cello, mandolin, dulcimer, recorder, ocrina, Chapman stick, etc.), more complex arrangements and some of the most amazing, insightful and intelligent lyrics to grace music in a long, long time. They pull no punches. Incisive, bold and inspired - just like their music. I loved Penguin Dust, but felt the songs all had a "sameness" about them...not so here. Every song is distinct and stands alone in arrangement, rhythm and structure. There's a sense of artistry and musical vision here that was a bit lacking in their previous efforts - though they're all good. It seems like Frank and Kemper's vision for AO is finally coalescing! Excellent owe it to yourself to pick this up. --- By Ockham's Razor (Michigan, USA)

1. Jesus Junk
2. October
3. WinterLand
4. Reiah Discerns The Times
5. Malediction
6. My Head
7. Silence
8. Muse
9. Love is as Strong as Death
10. The Circle is Closed
11. Stop my Heart
12. Doxology

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