Sunday, June 29, 2008

ENGINE: (2002) Superholic @ 256k

Engine's self-titled debut album featured well-known musicians Ray Alder (vocalist from Fates Warning), Joey Vera (bass player from Fates Warning & Armored Saint), guitarist Bernie Versailles (ex-Agent Steel), & drummer Pete Parada (Face To Face). The diligent foursome return, delivering an abstract album dissimilar from almost every other "metal" release (if you call it metal - which some don't). The debut self-titled album surprised many people - although I don't think the critics were ready for it - and it favoured a lot of attention from the fans even though it wasn't really associated with any of the members various bands. With the arrival of Superholic, I assume everyone is well versed on all things Engine.
Superholic has managed to up the aggression with lots of down-tuned guitars, a minimum of technicality, but with a powerful punch contained around the meaningful lyrics of Alder who is writing more and more nowadays. Engine create a populist, modern "rock/metal" sound closely associated with the current crop of commercial rock/metal. It's very raw with heaps of distorted guitars and vocals. It's definitely not a style that I'm accustomed too or would listen to regularly, but when their debut came out - I was listening to it constantly and this album already has given me the same feelings.
--- Gary Carson, November 2002

.. Losing Ground
.. Suffocated
.. I Know
.. The Perfect Star
.. Superholic
.. Fascination Street
.. 1.A.M.
.. Home
.. Realize
.. Save Me
.. Mine


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