Sunday, June 29, 2008

RUNNING WILD: (1995) Death Or Glory (Japan Bonus Tracks) @ 256k

Running Wild's last two releases were good, but this release is just plain amazing! When it comes to quality German speed metal, you can't get much better than this. Amazing riffs, blazing fast guitars, and tight drums all aided by the wonderful vocals of Rock 'N' Rolf. It seems with each release the band keeps getting better and better making this arguably their best album. Thats arguably because Black Hand Inn and Masquarade are also contenders for that postion. One of the best, if not the best track, has to be the opener Riding the Storm with its haunting intro. The guitar work is just superb proving that Rolf is easily one of the most underrated guitarists in the genre. The track Bad to the Bone also porduced the bands second and last music video. The tour was also one of the bands most successful and they even recorded one of their shows for home video release. You haven't seen how good Rolf and the gang are until you have seen them playing these complex guitar structures live! If the album weren't great enough alone, the new remastered version also contains the entire Wild Animal EP as bonus tracks. For die-hard fans its a must because the Wild Animal EP up till this point was almost impossible to find. One song that was included on that EP was a remake of the silly metal anthem Chains & Leather, a song in its original form appeared on the bands sophmore album Branded & Exiled.
--- By Lunar Strain

.. Riding the Storm
.. Renegade
.. Evilution
.. Running Blood
.. Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)
.. Marooned
.. Bad to The Bone
.. Tortuga Bay
.. Death Or Glory
.. Battle Of Waterloo
.. March On
.. Hanged, Drawn And Quartered (Bonus)
.. Win or Be Drowned (Bonus)
** When I ripped the CDs the two Bonus tracks came with wrong name, just rename the track

for that appears on the back cover...


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