Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A.C.T. - Today's Report (VBR)

The beginnings of A.C.T. were in 1994 when Ola Andersson, Jerry Sahlin, Thomas Erlandsson, and Jens Appelgren formed the group Fairyland. By 1996, after several lineup changes and a name change, they recorded their first demo. After a tour supporting Yngwie Malmsteen and another demo, the group was ready to record an album. Today's Report was released in 1999. They followed up that release with Imaginary Friends.

1. Abandoned World
2. The Wandering
3. Waltz with Mother Nature
4. Why Bother
5. Today's Report
6. Welcome
7. Cat Eyes
8. The Chase Personalities (The Long One)
9. Foreplay
10. Piece of Meat
11. Tinnitus
12. Lord of Lies
13. Emelie (Ms. Amnesia)
14. Insomniac
15. Concluding Speech
16. Grandpa Phone Home
17. New Age Polka

..year - 2.005
..label - Atenzia Records - n/a
..home page - n/a

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Cpt. Roger said...

Love your blog, man. Good selection of quality stuff (not the mainstream) and very nice descriptions (the part I love more)!

Trying to keep the same direction, with a few more oriented inputs on my one ( Drop there if you want: if you got the software you could access the private server too.

fab said...

thanks you very much!

Anonymous said...

great album! this band make a real good metal prog like queen and dream theater together, its funny and so creative :D gretings from chile!