Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GLENN HUGHES - Songs in the Key of the Rock (VBR)

Ever since the mid-'90s, that Glenn Hughes has been one busy gentleman. After sorting out his personal life, Hughes returned to recording and touring like a man possessed as he began cranking out album after album in a short period of time -- including 2003's Songs in the Key of Rock. And for those who thought that Hughes may begin mellowing after the aforementioned "downtime," the rip-roaring album opener, "In My Blood" (in which Hughes sounds quite a bit like ex-Deep Purple bandmate David Coverdale) will silence any doubters. Also included is a tribute to Hughes' old pal John Bonham on "Higher Places (Song for Bonzo)," as well as a song that sounds like the spitting image of Bonham's band, "Get You Stoned." Vocal-wise, Hughes sounds stronger than ever on Songs in the Key of Rock -- something that can't be said for some of his lead singer peers from the same classic rock era. -- by Greg Prato,

1. In My Blood
2. Lost in The Zone
3. Gasoline
4. Higher Places
5. Get You Stoned
6. Written All Over Your Face
7. Standing on The Rock
8. Courageous
9. Secret Life
10. The Truth
11. Wherever You Go
12. Bonus

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