Monday, April 27, 2009

HOLY MOSES: (1992) Reborn Dogs (West Virginia Records)

Originally started as typical Teutonic thrash in the vein of, say, Kreator and Destruction, Holy Moses evolved into probably only (and definitely - first) deathmetal band with female singer (Sabina Classen, now in Temple of The Absurd). Well-executed old school death/thrash it is, with some hardcore overtones and GODLY sound (courtesy of Andy Classen, guitar player and producer). This release is particularly interesting 'cause both Andy and Sabina sing here, which gives the music more diversity. Well worth your money.

.clash my soul
.decapitated mind
.welcome to the real world
.reborn dogs
.fuck you
.third birth
.five year plan
.process of pain
.dancing with the dead - AMAZON
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