Monday, April 27, 2009

NASTY SAVAGE - (1994) Indulgence & Abstract Reality (Metal Blade Records)

How do you build a scene? The thrash metal scene of the 80's had strong roots in the Tampa Bay area. If you were a metal fan, and lived in the Tampa Bay area from 1985-1990, then Nasty Savage and Savatage were the heartbeat of your generation. The Nasties second release, "Indulgence" is a delivery of a promise made on their debut. The guitars are every bit as crunchy, and the drumming of Curtis the Shark, is as stellar as ever! If you were to have witnessed Savage in 86-89 at a local show, you would have invariably been in an audience alongside members of Death, Obituary, Deicide, Atheist, Six Feet Under, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Iced Earth, Oblivion, Fester, Fatal Blessing, Last Rites... The result was a birth of a powerful and influential scene. So much that the student started to teach the master. With these two releases in 86 and 88, we saw on "Indulgence" that Nasty Ronnie adopted a heavier "death-like" growl. Nasty Savage always delighted fans with top-notch studio work, courtesy of Morrisound Studios (another way in which they gave birth to a scene and sound!). The sessions for "Abstract Reality" produced the only recorded works by bassist Chris Moorehouse, whom was tragically killed in an auto accident shortly after it's release. "Abstract Reality" was the final great work of a band that had too much to offer and not enough audience to revel in it. Nasty Savage was clearly a band that burned out too soon, and never get the respect that they justly deserve. Only Metallica has affected their "local" scene more profoundly than the Nasties did in Tampa in the 80's. I still think Van Der Car's artwork was weird!
~ ~ John O.

1. Stabbed in the Back
2. Divination
3. XXX
4. Indulgence
5. Inferno
6. Hypnotic Trance
7. Incursion Dementia
8. Distorted Fanatic
9. Abstract Reality
10. Unchained Angel
11. Eromantic Vertigo
12. You Snooze, You Lose - AMAZON
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