Monday, April 27, 2009

VOIVOD: (1986) Rrröööaaarrr (LP-320kbps)

Voivod's second release, Rrröööaaarrr, is a step backward for the band when compared to its predecessor, War and Pain. Whereas their debut was similar to early Metallica, their follow-up sounds like the band was under the influence of early Slayer, with faster tempos and vocal growls. Lyrically, the band goes into dangerously silly and embarrassing territory (a sample lyric from "Fuck Off & Die": "And if you're a f*cker, and don't believe it, f*ck off and die!"). Other flaky song titles are "Slaughter in a Grave," "Ripping Headaches," and "Thrashing Rage." Guitarist Denis d'Amour (aka "Piggy") would one day become one of the most criminally overlooked metal guitarists (combining jazz chords in a progressive metal context), but on this album he plays it very conservatively, which is unfortunate. After listening to Rrröööaaarrr, it's pretty mind-blowing that Voivod would one day be one of the most original metal bands around, since there's very little originality or imagination on this one. If you're a newcomer to the band, check out their albums from 1988 onward. This is certainly not one of their better albums, and not a good place to start.
-- by Greg Prato,

1.Korgul the Exterminator
2.Fuck Off and Die
3.Slughter in a Grave
4.Ripping Headaches
6.Thrashing Rage
7.The Helldriver
8.Build Your Weapons
9.To the Death


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TANKARD - (1988) Chemical Invasion (LP version-320kbps)

Classic album from the Beer Metal German band TANKARD...

1.Total Addiction
3.Don't Panic
5.For a Thousand Beers
6.Chemical Invasion
7.Farewell to A Slut

**THIS IS A REAL VINYL RIP, ALL THE NOISES ARE INCLUDED!!! - **Out of print** You Can buy the CD version on AMAZON
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VOIVOD: (1987) Killing Technology (LP-320kbps)

Killing Technology was Montreal based Voivod's third album and the one where their sound became fully realized. The first two albums were good, but marred by muddy sound and the songwriting wasn't quite there yet. On KT they nailed it. When this came out in 1987 the only other band that was as heavy was Kreator. But Voivod were different in their use of really ugly dissonant chords and almost progressive structures all within an extremely brutal thrash context.
Lyrically Killing Technology is very dark and science fiction themed, something Voivod would explore quite a bit on later albums. The songs are about man's destruction or enslavement by his own technology or a world out of balance. For example, Forgotten in Space is about a jail ship full of prisoners both criminal and political blasted out into space to an unknown fate. Ravenous Medicine is about being used in Mengele type medical experiments as a human guinea pig and Tornado is about weather with a vendetta. When combined with the dark thrashing music of Piggy (guitar), Blacky (bass) and Away (drums), Snakes lyrics become the soundtrack to a technological apocalypse, the true soundtrack to the Terminator.
Voivod continued their science fiction oriented thrash sound on their brilliant follow up album Dimension Hatross but on subsequent albums they gradually cleaned up their sound. On Killing Technology they play at their gritty, grinding and noisy best. Killing Technology is a claustrophobic and paranoid masterpiece. It's a great album from one of the most original bands in metal and truly deserves to be called a classic.
-- by Chet Fakir,DC

1.Killing Technology
4.Too Scared to Scream
5.Forgotten in Space
6.Ravenous Medicine
7.Order of the Blackguards
8.This Is Not an Exercise


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NASTY SAVAGE - (1994) Indulgence & Abstract Reality (Metal Blade Records)

How do you build a scene? The thrash metal scene of the 80's had strong roots in the Tampa Bay area. If you were a metal fan, and lived in the Tampa Bay area from 1985-1990, then Nasty Savage and Savatage were the heartbeat of your generation. The Nasties second release, "Indulgence" is a delivery of a promise made on their debut. The guitars are every bit as crunchy, and the drumming of Curtis the Shark, is as stellar as ever! If you were to have witnessed Savage in 86-89 at a local show, you would have invariably been in an audience alongside members of Death, Obituary, Deicide, Atheist, Six Feet Under, Massacre, Morbid Angel, Iced Earth, Oblivion, Fester, Fatal Blessing, Last Rites... The result was a birth of a powerful and influential scene. So much that the student started to teach the master. With these two releases in 86 and 88, we saw on "Indulgence" that Nasty Ronnie adopted a heavier "death-like" growl. Nasty Savage always delighted fans with top-notch studio work, courtesy of Morrisound Studios (another way in which they gave birth to a scene and sound!). The sessions for "Abstract Reality" produced the only recorded works by bassist Chris Moorehouse, whom was tragically killed in an auto accident shortly after it's release. "Abstract Reality" was the final great work of a band that had too much to offer and not enough audience to revel in it. Nasty Savage was clearly a band that burned out too soon, and never get the respect that they justly deserve. Only Metallica has affected their "local" scene more profoundly than the Nasties did in Tampa in the 80's. I still think Van Der Car's artwork was weird!
~ ~ John O.

1. Stabbed in the Back
2. Divination
3. XXX
4. Indulgence
5. Inferno
6. Hypnotic Trance
7. Incursion Dementia
8. Distorted Fanatic
9. Abstract Reality
10. Unchained Angel
11. Eromantic Vertigo
12. You Snooze, You Lose - AMAZON
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HOLY MOSES: (1992) Reborn Dogs (West Virginia Records)

Originally started as typical Teutonic thrash in the vein of, say, Kreator and Destruction, Holy Moses evolved into probably only (and definitely - first) deathmetal band with female singer (Sabina Classen, now in Temple of The Absurd). Well-executed old school death/thrash it is, with some hardcore overtones and GODLY sound (courtesy of Andy Classen, guitar player and producer). This release is particularly interesting 'cause both Andy and Sabina sing here, which gives the music more diversity. Well worth your money.

.clash my soul
.decapitated mind
.welcome to the real world
.reborn dogs
.fuck you
.third birth
.five year plan
.process of pain
.dancing with the dead - AMAZON
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KOMA: (1996) Koma (Gorn Records)

.tio sam
.a la mierda
.malas caras
.el pobre
.aqui huele como que han fumao
.como les jode
.las cruces
.quieras o no quieras
.las bragas - n/a
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KREATOR: (1987) Terrible Certainty (Noise International)

Kreator dialed in their modern thrash on Terrible Certainty, the group's third full-length offering. One of the most highly anticipated European metal records of the decade, this 1987 release proves that the previous year's hit, Pleasure to Kill, wasn't a fluke, and that Kreator was capable of delivering under pressure. The German outfit cranks up the technical difficulty on Terrible Certainty, executing the tightest performances of their career while maneuvering around some extremely difficult, yet memorable riffs. The guitar flurries of the title track and "Behind the Mirror" hold their own against the best work from Metallica or any other American thrash behemoths. Some might argue that the stateside metal heads even took some cues from Terrible Certainty. It is certain that Kreator's influence isn't limited to stateside artists, as modern European metal has never been the same since the group unleashed a slew of powerful late-'80s discs, Terrible Certainty arguably being the best of the lot.
~ ~ by Vincent Jeffries,

.blind faith
.storming with menace
.terrible certainty
.as the world burns
.toxic trace
.no escape
.one of us
.behind the mirror
.impossible to cure
.lambs of the slaughter (bonus)
.terrible certainty (live)
.riot of violence (live)
.awakening of the gods (live) - AMAZON
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KREATOR: (1988) Out of the Dark...Into the Light (Noise International)

German thrash metal heroes Kreator spent much of 1988 either touring or writing material for their pivotal fourth album, Extreme Aggression, which was to be the first released by Noise Records (in conjunction with a major record company in America, Epic Records). But not wishing to keep fans waiting too long while they toiled, Kreator decided to issue the Out of the Dark, Into the Light EP as a stopgap just in case. Almost qualifying as a mini-album, the five-track Out of the Dark is kicked off by the snappy, but rather forgettable "Impossible to Cure," offers a raucous rendition of Raven's "Lambs to the Slaughter," and then rolls through three competent live versions of "Terrible Certainty" and two lesser-known cuts. Honestly, nothing here will prove terribly exciting for casual fans, but it's definitely worthwhile for Kreator fanatics. [Late '90s reissues of the Terrible Certainty album feature this EP as bonus material.]
~ ~ by Eduardo Rivadavia,

.impossible to cure
.lambs to the slaughter
.terrible certianty (live)
.riot of violence (live)
.awakening the gods (live)
.flag of hate (live)
.love us or hate (live)
.behind the mirror - AMAZON
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V.A.: Masters of Mysery - The Black Sabbath Earache Tribute (Earache Records)

Re-issue of the Ever Popular Japanese Only Black Sabbath Tribute Album. Features Classic Sabbath Covers by Scorn, Cathedral, SLEEP, Confessor, Fudge Tunnel, Pitchshifter, Cadaver, and Others. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

.Wheels of Confusion [CATHEDRAL]
.Snowblind [SLEEP]
.Zero the Hero [GODFLESH]
.Hole in the Sky [CONFESSION]
.Killing Yourself to Live [A.C.]
.Who Are You [OLD]
.Lord of This World [BRUTAL DEATH]
.The Wizard [SCORN]
.Cornucopia [IRON MONKEY]
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

ANTHRAX: (1986) Among the Living (Island Recs.)

Generally considered the band's best album, Among the Living broadened the scope of Anthrax's subject matter with socially conscious lyrics addressing prejudice, violence, drug abuse ("Efilnikufesin [N.F.L.]," a rip on John Belushi), and the hollowness of the music business, as well as a politically correct ode to the "Indians." However, the band refuses to take itself too seriously, also recording tributes to Stephen King and Judge Dredd. Musically, the band delivers a powerful, aggressive roar driven by impossibly fast riffing and the changing tempos and collectively shouted vocals of hardcore, especially on the classic "Caught in a Mosh." The brutal rhythm guitar work of Scott Ian and the explosive drumming of Charlie Benante relentlessly push the songs along while still maintaining a solid groove, and more than make up for some lyrical awkwardness. Among the Living remains arguably Anthrax's foremost achievement.
~ ~ by Steve Huey, Allmusic

1.Among the Living
2.Caught in the Mosh
3.I Am the Law
4.Efilnekufesin (N.F.L.)
5.A Skeleton in The Closet
7.One World
8.A.D.I. Horror Of It All
9.Imitation of Life - AMAZON
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CATHEDRAL: (1993) The Ethereal Mirror (Earache)

Cathedral's second full-length album, The Ethereal Mirror, finds the group experimenting a bit with new sounds on their path to discovering the patented sound they would polish on succeeding releases. Hints of their lumbering doom sound from Forest of Equilibrium characterize songs such as "Phantasmagoria," but for the most part Cathedral picks up the pace and instills a welcome sense of groove into their monolithic guitar riffs. Two songs from the album in particular stand out due to their up-beat tempos: the anthemic opener, "Ride," and the metal-disco of "Midnight Mountain." These two songs aren't up-tempo in the sense of death metal or grindcore, but they actually owe a lot to late '60s and early '70s hard rock anthems such as Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild" and Black Sabbath's "Supernaut." Singer/lyricist Lee Dorrian's background as a member of the U.K.'s grindcore movement in the late '80s and the ultra-heavy guitar tones of the group elevates songs such as "Ride" above generic proto-heavy metal recycling. Dorrian's voice sounds unlike traditional rock vocalists as he tries his best to sing despite the grave darkness remaining from his past as a growling madman in Napalm Death. Furthermore, his lyrics feature more fairytale-inspired nightmarish qualities than Ozzy Osbourne ever came close to writing. But for as important as Dorrian is to Cathedral as their undeniable leader, the epic guitar riff-laden soundscapes of Garry Jennings and Adam Lehan drive these songs and set perfectly gloomy moods for Dorrian's black magic poetry.
~ ~ by Jason Birchmeier, Allmsuic

1.Violet Vortex (intro)
3.Enter the Worms
4.Midnight Mountain
5.Fountain of Innocence
6.Grim Luxuria
7.Jaded Entity
8.Ashes You Leave
10.Imprisioned in Flesh - AMAZON
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DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE: (2001) Diarrhea Of A Madman (Metal Blade Records)

Comedy metal troupe the Dave Brockie Experience consists of vocalist/bassist Dave Brockie (also a member of GWAR), guitarist Mike Derks and drummer Brad Roberts, who endeavor to splice the disparate strains of hard rock and metal with comedy. After debuting with 2001's self-explanatory Diarrhea of a Madman, the group returned two years later with the equally humorous Songs for the Wrong. The Dave Brockie Experience or DBX is formed of three of the current members of Heavy metal band GWAR. The band is composed of David "Oderus Urungus" Brockie (vocals/bass), Brad "Jizmak Da Gusha" Roberts (drums), and Mike "Balsac the Jaws of Death" Derks (Guitar). DBX is a pet project of GWAR and shows some of their earlier punk roots from the "Death Piggy" era. At their shows they play some original DBX songs as well as some tunes from Death Piggy, GWAR, and X-Cops. The band enjoys a following mostly made up of GWAR fans. Dave Brockie has hinted at the possibility of the band's breakup in the past due to the exhausting nature of lower-budget touring. In February of 2008, several sources reported that the band would be touring as an opening act for the reunited Green Jellÿ. Dave Brockie has since stated, on his website, that this is not the case and there have been no official discussions concerning the tour.

1.40.000 times
2.too much stuff want to suck my dick
5.faggot on fire
6.helium creed
7.beat stall
8.the dance of europe
9.iranian masturbator
10.washing yourself
11.servant of death's head
12.two smart guys fight about michaelangelo
13.the pennington lark
14.i clean up real good
15.great news
17.i saw three forms
18.calling dr. fong lady died - n/a
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D.R.I.: (1988) 4 Of a Kind (Metal Blade Records)

D.R.I. were formed in Houston, TX, in May 1982, evolving out of a defunct hardcore band called the Suburbanites. Singer Kurt Brecht, drummer Eric Brecht (his brother), and bassist Dennis Johnson had all played in that outfit, and with new guitarist Spike Cassidy in tow, they renamed themselves Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, after a frequent insult from the Brechts' father (who objected vehemently to their rehearsals). The band was soon performing live around Houston, and before the end of the year, they issued a 22-song debut, Dirty Rotten EP, on their own Rotten label. Pressed in limited quantities, it was reissued as a 12" LP in 1983, appropriately retitled Dirty Rotten LP. The wider exposure for this version helped make the group's name in the punk underground, and after a supporting tour that year, they relocated to San Francisco.
The going was rough at first, and bassist Johnson quit to return home to Houston. He was replaced by Sebastian Amok for a tour with the Dead Kennedys, after which Amok was in turn replaced by Josh Pappé for the 1984 EP Violent Pacification. Eric Brecht also left the band later that year to get married; he would soon join Hirax. In the meantime, D.R.I. replaced him with Felix Griffin. During the recording of the band's second album, 1985's Dealing With It, Pappé took a leave of absence to deal with a drug problem. Mikey Offender, of the Offenders, filled in for him during the remainder of the sessions, and the album was released on the Death label. With Hirax's help, D.R.I. scored a deal with Metal Blade, and a substantial buzz built around the group, especially when Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo praised them in an interview.
D.R.I.'s Metal Blade debut arrived in 1987 in the form of the boundary-blurring Crossover, whose title made their punk-metal fusion ambitions crystal clear. Their songs were growing from short bursts of speed into full-fledged, multisectioned compositions, and their unification of the two genres was the most seamless of their career. On the 1988 follow-up, 4 of a Kind, the metal influences began to predominate, even if the band's hardcore roots were still audible. Buoyed by the video for "Suit and Tie Guy," 4 of a Kind became the first D.R.I. album to make the national charts. The following year, Pappé accepted an offer to join Gang Green, and was replaced in D.R.I. by John Menor, formerly of Mantas. Menor made his debut on 1989's Thrash Zone, the band's most metallic offering yet, and one that was also widely acclaimed among their best. "Beneath the Wheel" and "Abduction" landed some airplay on MTV, and the album became their second straight to chart.
~ ~ by Steve Huey,Allmusic

1.all for nothing
2.manifest destiny
3.gone too long the dream
5.shut up
6.modern world
7.think for yourself
9.dead in a ditch
10.suit and tie guy unkind - AMAZON
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D.R.I.: (1989) Thrash Zone (Metal Blade Recs.)

Although the opening title track is a celebration of life in the mosh pit, D.R.I.'s fifth album is pretty much straightforward metal with little of the band's hardcore punk roots in its unapologetically slick sound. That said, Thrash Zone is an immense improvement over its immediate predecessor, the weak and unfocused Four of a Kind. Kurt Brecht's yowling vocals and forgettable lyrics are largely downplayed in favor of showing off the band's best assets: Spike Cassidy's efficient punk metal guitar lines and the whiplash dynamics of bassist John Menor and drummer Felix Griffin, who handle the dips into slow, thudding mosh sections and curves into triple-speed overdrive with relative ease. Hardcore's late-'80s swerve into metal is still basically a lousy idea (one that most bands quickly abandoned after Nevermind hit the charts and metal was suddenly very much out of fashion again), but Thrash Zone is a better than average example of the form.
~ ~ by Stewart Mason, Allmusic

2.beneath the wheel
3.enemy within
5.leabeled uncurable say i'm scum
7.gun control
8.kill the words
9.drown you out
10.the trade
11.standing in line
12.give a hoot
13.worker bee
14.abduction - AMAZON
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EXODUS: (2004) Tempo of The Damned (Nuclear Blast Recs.)

Given up for dead over a decade earlier, the mighty Exodus -- the original kings of thrash metal -- made an unexpected but long-rumored return in 2004 with the release of their sixth studio album, Tempo of the Damned. But what had been intended as a long-awaited reunion of their seminal Bonded by Blood lineup was tragically thwarted with the sudden death of vocalist Paul Baloff in early 2002. Fittingly, Baloff was duly supplanted by none other than Steve "Zetro" Souza, the man who'd replaced him in the first place and who had gone on to sing on every Exodus album thereafter, including their mid-period thrash classic Fabulous Disaster. Of course the fact that Souza was clearly the better and more reliable vocalist (albeit not as fun a character as Baloff) should not be overlooked, and with the welcome involvement of long-gone founding drummer Tom Hunting, Tempo of the Damned still serves as quite the family reunion. It also doesn't disappoint musically, picking up the pieces right where the band's star-crossed career had fallen apart 11 years earlier with the underrated Force of Habit, and turning in a performance that is, at once, vintage Exodus and mindful of modern recording standards as well. All of the old, much loved Exodus hallmarks are here: lyrics filled with biting, sarcastic social commentary; no-fuss, jagged thrash metal; and unparalleled technical precision.
As has always been the case, it's the dazzling six-string tag team of Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt (quite simply the tightest rhythm guitar duo in the history of thrash -- Slayer included) that truly drives the Exodus bullet train over lightning runs like "Scar Spangled Banner" and the wonderfully retro-named "Impaler." Their solos are as musical as the riffing is not, and, as heard on excellent examples like "Shroud of Urine" and "Forward March," always typified by inventiveness without excess pyrotechnics. About the only deviation from the band's tried and true formula of old comes in the shape of Souza's more varied vocal styles, including a less whiny, wholly uncharacteristic full-throated death roar for the standout "War Is My Shepherd." Tempo of the Damned's second half isn't quite as memorable, the likes of "Sealed with a Fist" and "Throwing Down" suffering from the same sort of aimless riffage that had mired disappointing earlier efforts like Pleasures of the Flesh and Impact Is Imminent, but "Culling the Herd" manages to buck this trend with plenty of fireworks, and the title track still moshes with a vengeance. Taken as a whole, Tempo of the Damned successfully resurrects Exodus as the potent and formidable thrash machine of old. The fact that they are well aware of their strengths, and content to stick with them to the end, is what makes this such a welcome release for the band's loyal followers, as well as younger fans looking to understand what got heavy metal where it is today.
~ ~ by Eduardo Rivadavia, Allmusic

1.scar spangled banner
2.war is my sheppard
4.shroud of urine
5.forward march
6.calling the herd
7.sealed with a fist
8.throwing down
10.tempo of the damned
11.dirty deeds done dirth cheap - AMAZON
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FUEL: (2003) Natural Selection (Epic Records)

Fuel's third album 'Natural Selection' was the biggest surprise for me in 2003, mainly because the more I listened, the more I loved it. I had always been able to appreciate Fuel's music on a superficial level, but now I think I'm becoming a fan with this release.
Fuel abandon the more straight-forward post-grunge/hard-rock formula present on their first two albums for a more experimental sound on this album. It doesn't mean the songs suffer, in fact the whole album sounds better than anything they have done before. With expert production by Michael Beinhorn (best known for Soundgarden's 'Superunknown') and strong lyrics by band guitarist Carl Bell, Fuel have reached a whole new level. Songs like "Getting Thru" and "Falls On Me" may feel more at home with their previous work, but the layered "These Things" and the bitter "Quarter" help elevate the band above a wasteland of other grunge-cloned bands. Far too bold and mature for the Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd crowd anymore, it's easy to see why this release isn't selling as well as the others: it's unique! Highlight tracks include: "Quarter," "Running Away," "Days With You," "These Things," and "Million Miles." The only thing that drags this album down is the inclusion of the "Bring You Hell" remix of "Won't Back Down" (originally from the 'Daredevil' soundtrack), which is hardly a remix at all, and doesn't fit in with the rest of the material. Still though, it's a solid album, the best work Fuel has accomplished to date. If you weren't a fan of the band before and are a little skeptical, it's worth a shot. There is something for everyone who likes any form of rock music on here. And if you were a fan of the band before, just enjoy watching them grow and expand their sound.
~ ~ Reviewd by Mr. Censored

.down inside of you
.million miles
.falls on me
.these things
.won't back down
.running away
.most of all
.getting thru
.die like this
.days with you - AMAZON
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

RUSH: (1975) Rush (LP-Vinyl)

The legendary first album from the Canadien rockers band Rush. This is the vinyl version, ALL THE NOISES FROM THAT ERA ARE INCLUDED!!

1.Finding My Way
2.Need Some Love
3.Take a Friend
4.Here Again
5.What You're Doing
6.In the Mood
7.Before and After
8.Working Man

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IRON MAIDEN: (1985) Run to The Hills (EP-Vinyl)

This is the issue available on Argentina, South America. This is the vinyl version, ALL THE NOISES ARE INCLUDED.

1.Run to the Hills
2.Phantom of the Opera
3.Losfer Words

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AC/DC: (1984) Nervous Shakedown (7-inches-Vinyl)

The little black plastic disc with quality rock 'n' roll. This is a real vinyl ripping, ALL THE NOISES ARE INCLUDED!!

1.Nervous Shakedown
2.Rock'n' Roll Ain't Noise Polution - n/a
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