Monday, November 7, 2011

DETACHED PROTECTOR - [2011] Filling The Void

This is a very good surprise for me. The Detached Protector is an instrumental album from the great musician Michael Paulousky. All the tracks are written by Michael. Guitars and bass perfomed by Michael Paulousky. Drums performed by Cullen Corley.
The musician is influenced by black, thrash and progressive metal. While this is an instrumental album is not filled with noise and ambiance, these are concrete compositions and believe me the music is great!! A heavy, melodic, dark, deep and emotional album, really great music. Instrumental music sometimes can be boring, but here folks you can actually dance, jump and headbanging in your room... This is for sure one of the best music that I listened this year.
This worth every single dollar's cents spent. Five stars.

1.A Bitter Past
2.Starting Over
3.One Day At A Time
4.Filling The Void
5.From Bitterness to Triumph
**You can listen the entire album at the official home page or at the Amazon store.

You can buy this great album in digital forma at AMAZON for only U$ 4.45 - Click Here!!
Home Page= (you can buy the album in FLAC or mp3 format for only U$ 2.50 or more)
Link= Sorry Guys, I can't make this available for free download, please check the official Detached Protector home page, and buy the album is insanely cheap!!
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Francesca Paolucci said...

I didn't know this album.


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