Thursday, February 2, 2012


Dark Entropy began in the fall of 2008 by guitarists Matt Schering and Mike Pannaralla. Richard Spoo was soon brought in on the drums, and the first incarnation of the band was born. Mike Pannaralla left the band in 2009 but Matt and Rich decided to continue on to create more music and refine the previously written songs. After many months of searching for musicians that could keep up with our music, the next lineup began to form in September 2010 when Matt was introduced to guitarist Mike Maskas, who would join Dark Entropy later that year. Early in 2011 Rob Peto was brought onboard with vocal duty and Derek DeLucia shortly after on bass. Several monthes later we actively started playing shows.

2.Broken Night
3.Enlisted In Suicide
4.Sins Of Our Fathers

**You can listen the entire demo tape on official Home-Page. Enjoy the old school thrash metal!!

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