Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bruce Dickinson: (1995) Alive in Studio A

Perhaps second only to Rob Halford, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson was the most acclaimed and instantly recognizable vocalist to emerge from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement of the early-'80s. Born Paul Dickinson on August 7, 1958, in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, he adopted the first name Bruce as a youngster for reasons unknown. Shortly after relocating to Sheffield as a teenager, Dickinson became enamored of such '70s heavy metal bands as Deep Purple, and after an attempt at becoming a drummer didn't work out, he began singing in local bands -- Styx (not the renowned American band of the same name), Speed, and Shots. But none of these bands broke out of regional status, something that would change when Dickinson fronted his next band, Samson.
Alive in Studio A is a double-disc set that finds the former Iron Maiden singer running through solo material and Maiden classics not only live in the studio, but also at the Marquee club. Both sets are tight and powerful, but the Marquee disc benefits from the presence of an actual audience, and, when taken together, the set proves that Dickinson could still rock as hard in the mid-'90s as he did in the early '80s. ~~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

2.Shoot All The Clowns
3.Son Of A Gun
4.Tears Of The Dragon
5.1.000 Points Of Light
6.Sacred Cowboys
7.Tattooed Millionaire
8.Born in '58
10.Change of Heart
11.Hell No
12.Laughing In The Hiding

2.1.000 Points of Light
3.Born in '58
4.Gods of War
5.Change of Heart
6.Laughing in The Hiding
7.Hell No
8.Tears of the Dragon
9.Shoot All the Clowns
10.Sacred Cowboys
11.Son of A Gun
12.Tattooed Millionaire

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