Tuesday, March 27, 2012

W.A.S.P.: (1984) W.A.S.P.

With glam rock making a comeback of sorts in 1984 (Mötley Crüe, Ratt, etc.), another Los Angeles band, W.A.S.P., couldn't have picked a better time to release its self-titled debut. By merging lyrics that dealt with the expected heavy metal themes (sex, Satanism, etc.) alongside Blackie Lawless' rough vocals and Chris Holmes' guitar riffing, the band sounded and looked more menacing than your average L.A. glam band at the time. Add to it a stage show that was gimmick-heavy (Lawless would drink blood from a skull and rip open a pillow, while wearing buttless leather pants and saw blades on his arms), and you had a "can't miss" recipe for controversy and publicity -- resulting in the debut's eventual gold certification. The album contains most of their best-known tracks, such as the raging singles/videos "I Wanna Be Somebody" and "L.O.V.E. Machine," plus the anti-establishment "School Daze," the semi-ballad "Sleeping (In the Fire)," and the angst-filled anthems "The Flame," "Hellion," "On Your Knees," and "Tormentor." [The 1998 CD reissue contains three bonus tracks, including a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," as well as their overtly sexual early fan fav, "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)."] -- Greg Prato

1.Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)
2.I Wanna Be Somebody
3.L.O.V.E. Machine
4.The Flame
6.School Daze
8.Sleeping (In The Fire)
9.On Your Knees
11.The Torture Never Stops
12.Show No Mercy
13.Paint It, Black

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Jen said...

This is the rock show we all need and want. KISS and Motley Crue live and breathe rock and roll, and to see either live is a remarkable experience. And throughout their careers, neither band has compromised musically. Is their best music behind them? Yes. Are Motley Crue tickets overexpensive? Hell yes. And both these bands have made some great music and put on some great shows. Anyone who even pretends to care about rock n' roll music should see this show.