Friday, April 25, 2008

Y&T - 1984 - In Rock We Trust

Y&T's difficulties in the recording studio continued with their sixth album, 1984's In Rock We Trust. You'd think the San Francisco quartet could have figured this out by now, but despite experimenting with a number of different approaches, recording techniques, and big-name producers, Y&T had yet to successfully capture their scorching live energy on vinyl. With Judas Priest producer Tom (Colonel) Allom on board this time around, they did manage to sound a little looser and more relaxed than on recent efforts, but to be quite honest, In Rock We Trust still paled in comparison to the freewheeling intensity of 1981's landmark Earthshaker album. "Masters and Slaves" and the driving "Break Out Tonight!" are among the highlights contained here, but the patriotic opener, "Rock & Roll's Gonna Save the World," pushes the cheese meter to the max. Making matters worse, on the ensuing tour the band would perform it in the company of their new mascot, the silver android depicted on the album's cover (aka Rock). The textbook power ballad "This Time" isn't half-bad and no doubt served its purpose as perfect "end of the prom" fodder, but consumers remained unimpressed and Y&T's slump continued Ed Rivadavia, All Music

1. Rock & Roll's Gonna Save the World
2. Life, Life, Life
3. Masters and Slaves
4. I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know)
5. Break Out Tonight!
6. Lipstick and Leather
7. Don't Stop Runnin'
8. (Your Love is) Drivin' Me Crazy
9. She's a Liar
10. This Time

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This Album kicks ass!!!!!!!period if you hear any cheese its from the liberal negative media.This album and band still rocks your ass off in 2012!!!!!!