Friday, April 25, 2008

Y&T - 1990 - Y&T live

Too many rockers have made the mistake of never providing an official live album, but thankfully, Y&T isn't one of them. Recorded at the San Jose Cabaret in San Jose, CA on December 28 and 31, 1990, this CD paints a most impressive picture of the Deep Purple-influenced heavy metal/hard-rock band. Heavy metal enthusiasts who never saw Y&T live will wish they had after hearing this excellent album, which brilliantly captures the Bay Area headbangers' vitality. Turning its attention to material from the 1970s and 1980s, Y&T is in fine form on gems that range from "Black Tiger," "Beautiful Dreamer," and "Winds of Change" to "Hurricane," "Midnight in Tokyo," and "I'll Cry." Yesterday & Today Live is as melodic as it is forceful. In fact, headbangers who like their metal/hard rock with a lot of melody should make a point of obtaining this album, which is without a dull moment... by Alex Henderson, All Music

1. mean streak
2. hurricane
3. don't stop runnin'
4. struck down
5. winds of change
6. black tiger
7. midnight in tokyo
8. beautiful dreamer
9. hard times
10. i'll cry
11. i believe in you
12. squeeze
13. forever

pw - satanschurch


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