Saturday, May 17, 2008

BARON ROJO: (1982) Volumen Brutal @256kbps

This album is probably one of the best Heavy Metal records of all time... And... Yeah!! It is from the most classic spanish band. Lars Ulrich said that it was one of his top ten album (a long time ago, when he was a metalhead hehehe). Their style is pure Heavy Metal from 1981... We found some Speed Metal like "Resistiré" ("Stand Up" in the English Version, like Accept's "Fast As A Shark" or "Rapid Fire" by Priest) combined with 70's Hard Rock ballad "Dame Una Oportunidad" and powerful "pre-thrash??" riffs like "Las Flores del Mal" (Flowers Of Evil). Variety, melody, and quallity-catchy songwriting with a english production. Bruce Dickinson help them translating the lyrics for the english version.
The Musicianship is great, classic rock musicians doing a very powerful record. Excellent guitar work by De Castro Brothers (great harmonies, solos, riffs and filling... Two great classic guitar players) and great voice by Sherpa (and great bass to). If you like classic Metal, Hard Rock, NWOBHM... This is for you! --- Written by El_Serra on March 1st, 2004

1. incomunicación
2. los rockeros van al infierno
3. dame la oportunidad
4. son como hormigas
5. las flores del mal
6. resistiré
7. satánico plan (volumén brutal)
8. concierto para ellos
9. hermano del rock & roll
10. el barón vuela sobre inglaterra

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