Saturday, May 17, 2008

BARON ROJO: (1983) Metalmorfosis @256kbps

After two incredibly heavy and historical significant albums, Baron Rojo goes to England with DJ Mariscal Romero to record their third album, called Metalmorfosis (1983). This album was released only in Spanish, but the first 1,000 copies had an extra 7-inch single with two inedited songs, “Invulnerable” and “Herencia Letal”, both very popular among the fans. On the other hand, the LP's two hit singles, “Casi Me Mato” and “El Malo” put the band at the peak of its popularity in Spain and in the rest of Europe, where they played at the Heavy Sound Festival'83 in Belgium, being co-headliners with Gary Moore.
“Casí Me Mato” starts with a weird guitar arrangement and then it bursts into heavy metal ownage right from the trenches featuring a nice and memorable chorus and cool mid-paced riff and an awesome melodic solo. “Rockero Indomable” starts with a tidy drum intro and it features one of those mid-paced riffs which began to build up the legend back in 1981 in the band’s debut album. Seriously, every time I hear one of Baron Rojo’s albums I expect one of those groundbreaking riffs. Then “El Malo” is an enjoyable and melodic five minute banger with a nice sing-along chorus and it ends in a cool speed metal fashion. “Herencia Letal” is a proof of speed metal ownage with a fast and solid vocal delivery and a catchy chorus. I picked up those four tunes to describe because those are my absolute favorite tunes on the album, but I really love all of the songs except one. “Siempre Estas Allí” is an especially galling ballad which I could never stand. The performance of the Uruguayan drummer Hermes Calabria (ex-Psiglo) makes him probably the ideal drummer for this band. He was a pioneer in Spain in the use of the double-pedal bass drum. The De Castro brothers did a fine axe job and Sherpa handed the vocals really good. Conclusion: Buy. Headbang. Enjoy. --- Written by Gabometal86 on April 9th, 2005

1. casi me mato
2. rockero indomable
3. tierra de vandalos
4. que puedo hacer
5. siempre estas allí
6. hirosima
7. el malo
8. diosa razón
9. se escapa el tiempo

pass = heavymetalbreed

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