Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Faith And The Muse - Evidence of Heaven

Monica Richards, a native of Washington, DC, is a musician/artist/poet/scholar. She met William Faith in 1993 when her band, Strange Boutique, opened for Shadow Project in Norfolk, VA. Before starting Faith and the Muse, both had had experience in the gothic rock and post-punk culture of the '80s. Richards had sung for the band Strange Boutique, while Faith had performed with gothic/death rock icons Shadow Project, Christian Death, Mephisto Walz, and Sex Gang Children. Faith and the Muse was started in 1993 with Richards and Faith exchanging tapes while Richards was still living on the east coast. Shortly thereafter she moved to Los Angeles where the duo is still based. They recorded their debut album 'Elyria' in March 1994. Not content to sit on their laurels, the duo followed this up in 1995 with the concept album 'Annwyn, Beneath The Waves', a concept album based round Welsh mythology. The band would follow this up with an extensive touring schedule, playing with both with guest musicians as a full line-up and as an acoustic duo - the latter tour documented on the 'Vera Causa' album in 2001.
Their third album 'Evidence of Heaven', released in 1999, marked the end of the first creative phase of Faith and the Muse. They then modernised both their image and their overall sound, the result appearing on their 2003 album 'The Burning Season' - their first on Metropolis Records. Over the last ten years, they have toured extensively in mainland America and central Europe, and performed at major alternative events such as the Convergence (goth festival) 13 (usa) and The Whitby Gothic Weekend X (England). Their live performances feature a full band with a rotating line-up of live musicians.
Outside of the band, Faith and Richards are permaculture designers who are actively working to retrofit their home into a practical example of a sustainable suburban homestead.

.. joy
.. scars flown proud
.. shattered in aspect
.. chorus of the furies
.. patience worth
.. dead leaf echo
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - porphyrogene
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - through the pale door
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - and laugh but smile no more
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - plague dance
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - denn die todten reiten schnell
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - importune me no more
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - reine la belle
.. haunted palace in 3 acts - old souls

.. Year: 1999
.. Label: Neue Ästhetik Multimedia / Metropolis Records
.. Country: U.S.A.
.. Bitrate: VBR
.. Home-Page: www.mercyground.com/
.. MySpace: www.myspace.com/faithandthemuse
.. BUY ME: www.metropolis-records.com/artists/?artist=faith
.. BUY ME: www.metropolis-records.com/artists/?artist=faith

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