Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pretty Maids - Scream

In the Year 2000 the Danish heavy rockers released the album Carpe Diem. A touch more melodic than their previous offerings - a fact that hasn't gone down too well with certain factions of their fan-base, but this is still a classic album which has all the Pretty Maids trademarks in abundance. In 2002, after the WTC attacks, Pretty Maids released their latest album Planet Panic which was a trip back to the heavier sides of their catalogue.In 2003 their management company Rock On went bankrupt due to some very unwise business moves in September 2002. This left Pretty Maids in a very bad financial situation and also left them with a lot of legal problems as well as lot of business and copyright mess. Lead guitarist Ken Hammer was struck by a heart attack on December 6th 2003. He has recovered completely and has been on stage numerous times since the incident. As of July 2005 the drummer since 1991, Michael Fast, decided to leave before the recording of Wake Up To The Real World - an album that was originally intended to be released in 2005, but the initial recordings was postponed to the summer of 2006. In April 2006 new drummer Allan Tschicaja (Royal Hunt, Kingdome Come) was announced as Michael Fast's replacement. In 2006, Morten Sandager (Mercenary) joined Pretty Maids, playing the keyboards.

This Love
Walk Away
No Messiah
In a World of Your Own
Don't Turn Your Sex on Me
Adrenalin Junkie
Anytime Anywhere

.. Year: 1994
.. Label: Massacre Records
.. Country: Dennark
.. Bitrate: @ 256 kbps
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