Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pretty Maids - Sin-Decade

Pretty Maids have been making music for over 20 years. Formed in 1981 by friends Ken Hammer and Ronnie Atkins, they were initially a cover band but soon started writing their own material and a self-financed demo resulted in a deal with the English record label Bullet Records. In 1983 Bullet Records released a six track EP, and further recognition was fuelled by great reaction to their UK tour the same year. Inevitably the band outgrew their label, and in 1984 signed to CBS Records, who re-released their self titled debut EP.
Their 1984 debut album Red, Hot and Heavy was a success, and the band really hit their stride with 1987's Future World which was recorded in New York with renowned producer Eddie Kramer. This was the album that saw the band define their sound, with typically aggressive rockers alongside more commercial, melodic moments.

1. Running Out
2. Who Said Money
3. Nightmare in the Neighbourhood
4. Sin-Decade
5. Come on Tough, Come On
6. Raise Your Flag
7. Credit Card Lover
8. Know It Ain't Easy
9. Healing Touch
10. In the Flesh
11. Please Don't Leave Me

.. Year: 1992
.. Label: Columbia
.. Country: Denmark
.. Bitrate: @ 256 kbps
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