Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DEATH ANGEL - (1990) Fall From Grace @224kbps

To be perfectly honest, this horribly recorded Death Angel live album should have never seen the light of day, especially coming off the heels of the band's best album and major-label debut, Act III. But, because they had flown the coop of Enigma Records a bit early in order to sign with Geffen, the once promising Bay Area thrashers still owed their original label one more album, hence this ill-advised release. Featuring the highlights from their first two releases, the record may have still possessed some merit had not the performance chosen by the label (perhaps on purpose) been so sloppy and uninspired. While it collects such early favorites as "Bored," "Kill As One," and "Guilty of Innocence," not even diehard fans will want to sift through the sonic murk in search of something to enjoy here.
-- by Ed Rivadavia, Allmusic Guide

1.evil priest
2.why you do this
3.mistress of pain
4.road mutants
5.voracious souls
8.kill as one
9.guilty of innocence
10.shores of sin
11.final death

..label - Restless Records
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..home page - www.deathangel.com/

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