Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You must buy it now! This Double CD album contains the first LP Heaven's Gate made (In Control). Maybe one of the best albums they made. Then you can find in this album two EP (Open The Gate And Watch, More Histeria) and the rare track Rising Sun (live in Japan). 20 songs of pure heavy metal.

1.the gate control
3.turn it down
4.surrender fever
7.path of glory
9.this flight tonight the gate & watch
11.touch the light
12.dancin' on a rope
13.rock on in the mirror
15.cry it out
16.thin, fake & bold
17.metal hymn
18.sidewalk sinner days of my life
20.rising sun (live in tokyo)

..year - 2000
..label - Steamhammer Europe - Amazon
..home page - n/a

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