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VICIOUS RUMORS - Digital Dictator

During a layoff due to a injury to Thorpe, the group was released from their contract with Atlantic, perhaps due not only to the band's relative inactivity, but also the declining stateside popularity of the melodic power metal genre. Many European and Japanese record deals followed as well as a few member changes while the band trudged on through the '90s. Word of Mouth was released in 1994 and the group remained very busy touring the U.S. and Europe. As the group was preparing their next release, Something Burning, Carl Albert died on April 22, 1995. The band decided to continue on, releasing an Albert tribute EP and live full-length recording of the singer's final performance. Something Burning was finally released in 1996, and the disc featured Thorpe pulling double duty by filling in on lead vocals. This record solidified Vicious Rumors' European base as many positive reviews and another successful tour followed.
While Thorpe's vocal work was more than competent, the guitarist couldn't approach the dexterity of Albert and a new vocalist was needed in order for the band to incorporate older songs into their live set. Singer Brian O'Connor joined the group for 1998's CyberChrist recording and tour. O'Connor was replaced in 2000 by Morgan Thorn, who appears on the 2001 release Sadistic Symphony. After 20 years, Vicious Rumors may not be superstars or even financially independent, but Thorpe and his group deserve credit for being true to their musical identity and consistently delivering heartfelt, fashion-resistant music that their fans clearly appreciate.
-- by Vincent Jeffries, Allmusic Guide

replicant - digital dictator - minute to kill - towns on fire - lady took a chance - worlds and machines - the crest - r.l.h. - condemned - out of the shadows.

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