Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scatterbrain - Scamboogery

Scatterbrain was a band that defied labeling. Rock? Hardcore? Metal? Thrash? Rap? Yeah, all that and more. Scatterbrain wrote, recorded, and toured from 1989 - 1994. For many, they were known for their minor hit, "Dont Call Me Dude," which received regular rotation on MTV's "Headbangers Ball," and was a top-ten pop single in Australia. For others though, these guys were about much more than one song or video. Real Scatterbrain fans knew the band as tight, talented, diverse, funny, heavy, clever, and kick-ass.
The band was formed in 1989 from the leftover pieces of the classic NYHC band Ludichrist. Ludichrist was known for its excellent musicianship and eclectic sound, and these elements were carried over to Scatterbrain. Without the hardcore label of Ludichrist, Scatterbrain was free to take the music anywhere they wanted, and take it they did. How many bands cover Cheech and Chong, and Mozart on the same album? Scatterbrain did. Their debut album, Here Comes Trouble, showed the bands hardcore/trash roots, but added a whole lot more. Jazz, classical, rap, hard rock, blues, funk, classic rock, doo-wop, avant-garde, punk, and more, could all be heard rambling through this record, as well as their subsequent releases, Scamboogery and Mundis Intellectualis. The band also had a reputation for great live shows. They were tight, heavy, and highly entertaining. Debauchery, costumes and cover songs were nightly occurrences as Scatterbrain littered the stages and cities of the world with their presence. Besides ripping through their original material, on any given night one might see a medley of Mozart or Motorhead, a cross-dressing, dildo-slinging version of Motley Crues "Girls, Girls, Girls," a giant chicken singing Lynyrd Skynyrd or The Allman Brothers, and the band channeling the devil himself for Frank Zappa's "Titties and Beer." And now they're back, but just for a minute. See 'em while you can - you may never get another chance...

1. Big Fun
2. Fine Line
3. Tastes Just Like Chicken
4. Grandma's House of Babes
5. Sonata #11 (Rondo Alla Turka)
6. Bartender
7. Scamboogery
8. Swiss Army Girl
9. Logic
10. Down the Road (Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Pretty)

.. Year: 1991
.. Label: Elektra
.. Country: USA
.. Bitrate: 256 kbps
.. Ripped: EAC 9.0
.. Genre: Funk Metal
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vistoso said...

valeu!! thanks!!

Nancy said...

I first heard Scatterbrain's Scamboogery only recently - 2006 in fact - from a local Heavy Metal Music enthusiast asked me to house-sit after he got enough money for a 30,000 US Dollar joyride4 on a MiG-25 Foxbat at 119,000 feet. I think this is a funk-metal hybrid after the band tried to experiment something beside their "grindcore" standards in Ludichrist.