Sunday, September 21, 2008

Senser - - Asylum

In 1993 Senser released two indie chart topping singles on Ultimate, Eject and The Key and during the summer they played most of the major festivals. The band were gaining a reputation for being one of the most exciting live acts around and found themselves on stage alongside Rage Against the Machine, The Levellers and Chumbawamba. In March 1994 Senser released their third single, Switch, which entered the National Chart at No.39 and the band underwent a heavy schedule of T.V, radio, press and live performances. Senser's first album, "Stacked Up", was released in May 1994, and entered the National Charts at No.4. With the success of their album, Senser's fan-base grew, enabling the band to play to sell-out crowds across the UK and Europe. In 1994 Senser could be seen on the UK festival circuit and supported Red Hot Chili Peppers at Reading festival. In Europe they played at Roskilde Festival (Denmark), 'Torhout and 'Werchter' (Belgium), and 'Pinkpop' (Holland) and toured as support for Henry Rollins. After a curtailed tour of Japan, they then returned to the UK. At the beginning of 1995 Senser toured the UK supported by Skunk Anansie before setting off to tour the U.S.A. with Moby. It was during this tour that the band decided to split over musical differences. Heitham, Haggis and John left formed a new band called Lodestar. The remaining members of Senser found a new drummer, Paul Soden, and set about writing Senser's second album. After a year of writing and rehearsing Senser took to the road again and appeared at Phoenix '96. During the spring of '97 they recorded the 2nd album with legendary producer Arthur Baker and engineer Kevin Porée, it had a similar eclectic sound to the first but had a more electronic feel. Whilst recording the album Kerstin became pregnant so the other members formed De-Senser to keep the ball rolling until they could tour again. This new project, dealt specifically with programmed techno and drum and bass. And in the summer of 1997 De-Senser released "Om" an instant hit at clubs across the UK.
In the summer of 1998 Kerstin was able to tour and the band released the second album, Asylum. This was followed by touring throughout '98 especially in areas such as Spain, Italy and France. Once again musical differences became apparent and in February 1999 the band decided to split. Senser still had to play two last festivals to honour their commitments so they invited original members Heitham, John and Haggis back to perform with them. The gigs were extremely successful and proved to the group that they still worked well together and soon the original line-up found themselves working together on a compilation album of Senser's back catalogue called Parallel Charge. Now several years on the band have reformed with the full original line-up and written a third new album SCHEMAtic. Drawing on their own personal styles, experiences and influences the new work represents a broad musical development from their past release and is an impressive return to form. in 2003, an early tour of the new material was performed to packed out, sweat drenched venues which not only proved that they are still widely loved and respected but showed that in today's world Senser's outlook is now more relevant than ever. Senser's song "States of Mind", from Stacked Up, was also used (without permission from the copyright holder) as the soundtrack to the well-known demoscene production State of Mind by Bomb.

1. Book of Flies
2. Charming Demons
3. Adrenaline
4. Strange Asylum
5. Burn Out
6. Desensitised
7. Breed
8. Lizard
9. Oyster
10. Weatherman

.. Year: 1998
.. Label: Imprint Music
.. Country: U.K (South West London)
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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