Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DANZIG: [1999] Danzig 6:66 - Satan's Child @320kbps

Danzig's last release of the 20th century, 6:66 Satan's Child, follows the same formula as his last album (1996's Blackacidevil) -- gone are the straightforward Jim Morrison-meets-Black Sabbath-sounding songs of the band's first few albums, replaced by metallic industrial sounds (comparable to Godflesh, White Zombie, etc.). Singer Glenn Danzig is the only remaining member of his original solo lineup and, as on his previous album, handles guitar duties (filling out the lineup are Lazie on bass and Joey C. on drums). Although Danzig's musical style may have shifted over the years, the outfit's trademark sex'n'Satan imagery remains the same, as evidenced by the album title, lyrics, comic book-style cover, and the CD booklet photos. While such tracks as "Belly of the Beast" and "Lilin" move at a dirge-like pace, they also pack quite a sonic punch, courtesy of the album's production team of Glenn and Peter Lorimer (Orgy members Amir Derakh and Jay Gordon mixed several tracks as well). Longtime Danzig fans will know what to expect from such titles as "Cult W/out a Name," "Firemass," "Satans Child," and "Apokalips."
-- by Greg Prato, Allmusic Guide

1.Five Finger Crawl
2.Belly of the Beast
5.Cult Without a Name
6.East Indian Devil (Kali's Song)
8.Cold Eternal
9.Satans Child
10.Into the Mouth of Abandonment

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