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SATAN: [1995] Suspended Sentence & Into the Future

One of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal's most convoluted family trees belongs to the band known predominantly as Satan. Besides regularly undergoing name changes (Blind Fury and Pariah were only two of the aliases employed each time the group decided their original name was compromising their chances of success), the band's history regularly intersected that of any number of competing groups out of the Northeast, most notably Blitzkrieg and Skyclad. The seeds of the band that would become Satan were planted in Newcastle, England, toward the end of 1980, when a semifirm lineup consisting of vocalist Trevor Robinson, guitarists Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins, bassist Graeme English, and drummer Andy Reed finally coalesced. The band's first single, the imminently collectable "Kiss of Death," was released by independent label Guardian Records in the first months of 1982, and after welcoming new drummer Sean Taylor and replacing singer Robinson, first with one Ian Swift, then with the more experienced Brian Ross (ex-Blitzkrieg), sessions began for a full-length album.
-- by Ed Rivadavia, Allmusic

1.92nd Symphony
2.Who Dies Wins
3.11th Commandment
4.Suicidal Justice
7.Avalanche of a Million Hearts
8.Calculated Execution
9.Key to Oblivion
10.Hear Evil,See Evil,Speak Evil
11.Fuck You
12.The Ice Man

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