Sunday, May 24, 2009

FUDGE TUNNEL: [1994] The Complicated Futility of Ignorance + In A Word [EP]

The final release from Fudge Tunnel, Complicated Futility of Ignorance comes off like a modern, slightly mechanized Motörhead, comparable to late Prong perhaps, but more dynamic and without any of the industrial gimmicks. This record drips with the blood of calloused hands shredded in an attempt to extricate every ounce of heaviness from the many angular and distorted guitar riffs. Not one to ever hold back, guitarist/vocalist Alex Newport leads his band (that also includes David Riley on bass and Adrian Parkin on drums) through one relentless and violent metal groove-fest after another. The quality is consistant throughout this recording, but the doom-inflected "Six Eight" and the ruthless opener "Random Acts of Cruelty" are subtle standouts. Fans of sludgy, extreme metal not yet familiar with the influential Fudge Tunnel would do well to acquaint themselves with Complicated Futility of Ignorance, perhaps the best of this group's many fine offerings.
-- by Vincent Jeffries, Allmusic Guide

1.Random Acts of Cruelty
2.The Joy of Irony
3.Backed Down
4.Cover Up
5.Six Eight
6.Long Day
8.Find Your Fortune
9.Suffering Makes Great Stories
10.Circle of Friends, Circle of Trends
11.Rudge With a G

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