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LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR: [2006] The Ultimate Destroyer

*The intent is to make HEAVY FUCKING METAL based on the bloodiest tales in Greek mythology.
*Formed by Steven Rathbone in the spring of 2003 in Chicago. He enlisted Donald James Barraca (also in 7000 Dying Rats) on bass and longtime friend Larry Herweg (Tusk, Pelican) on drums.
*Recorded a demo EP in November 2003 with Sanford Parker at Volume Studios. Released March 2004, 300 pressed.
*Signed with Southern Lord Records July 2004. Recorded two more songs at Volume Studios with Parker, added to the 6 songs from the demo EP.
*Released CARNAGE in September 2004 on Southern Lord Records. 666 pressed of LP on red vinyl.
*Video for “The Wolf” released February 2005. Directed by Tom Denney.
*Recorded at Volume Studios with Parker in July 2005 for forthcoming EP and 2nd full-length album.
*Released CANNIBAL MASSACRE EP October 2005 on Southern Lord Records. Ltd. .
*Released THE ULTIMATE DESTROYER in April 2006 on Southern Lord Records.
*The song “Warlord” featured on the Tony Hawk American Wasteland game. Released September 2006 by Activision.

1.Juggernaut of Metal
2.Behead the Gorgon
3.The Ultimate Destroyer
5.Grisly Hound of the Pit
6.Cannibal Massacre
7.Lord of Butchery
8.Engorged with Unborn Gore
9.The Hydra Coils Upon This Wicked Mountain

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