Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NO RETURN --1992-- Contamination Rises

French death metal veterans No Return have been together in one form or another since 1989. They have been popular in Germany and France label, and have worked with some well-known producers including Florida death metal kingpin Tom Morris, but they have not really developed much of a following in the U.S. No Return has released several albums over the years, beginning with 1990's Psychological Torment (Semetary Records), followed by the Morris-produced Contamination Rises (1992), Seasons of Soul (1995), and the Red Embers EP (1997). In the late '90s, No Return made a few lineup changes, bringing in a new vocalist (Steeve "Zuul" Petit), a second guitarist (Benoit Antonia), and a keyboardist (Malko Pouchin). The first album with this new lineup was 2000's Self-Mutilation, which came out on the French Kodiac Records. After moving on to the Nuclear Blast label following this album, No Return finally had its first U.S. release with 2002's futuristic, cyber-themed concept album Machinery. By this stage, the band's lineup had settled on the quintet of vocalist Petit, bassist/guitarist Antonia, keyboardist/sampler Malko Pouchin, drummer Didier le Baron, and guitarist Alain "Ali" Clement. ~~ William York, Allmusic.com

3.Raving Lunatic
4.Unctrolled Situation
5.Trash World
6.Sacred Bones
7.World Of Impurities
8.Civil War
11.Mass Grave
12.Revolt of the Hanged

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