Sunday, December 16, 2007

JAG PANZER: Mechanized Warfare (Link Updated!!)

Old school fans say they've been waiting for Jag Panzer to return to the reputation of their highly acclaimed cult-classic debut Ample Destruction. Taking the challenge to heart, Mechanized Warfare proudly frees them from this expectation, and proves they have retained the integrity of conviction that launched them over fifteen years ago. An epic statement that respectfully pays tribute to their roots and clearly prophesizes all that is still ahead of them, Mechanized Warfare continues the momentum gained from all the years of their studio and touring experiences in the metal scene. It speaks boldly to the act of embracing two decades' worth of struggle and achievement, the art of reconstructing it, and the finesse of transforming it into a mythological creature worthy of legendary status. A 2001 Century Media release.

1. Take to the Sky
2. Frozen in Fear
3. Unworthy
4. The Silent
5. The Scarlett Letter
6. Choir of Tears
7. Cold is the Blade
8. Hidden in My Eyes
9. Power Surge
10. All Things Renewed

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