Sunday, December 2, 2007

MAGNITUDE NINE: Decoding The Soul

This is an excellent CD for those who enjoy great rock musicians and singers performing full-bore, melodic songs. As you would expect the guitar playing is supreme, the band is over the top and tight, the singer is a REAL singer and the production is excellent (make sure you EQ this CD flat, otherwise you will lose the excellent lead vocals). This CD is much more listenable then a lot of progressive rock, such as Symphony X and Dream Theater. If you want great musicians playing songs that you can enjoy than this is an excellent choice. As great as the band is, the singer ensures that you get your moneys worth as he is up to the task and has what sounds like a well trained voice. --- Andrew P. Banas

1. New Dimension
2. Lies Within the Truth
3. Facing the Unknown
4. To Find a Season
5. Walk Through the Fire
6. Dead in Their Tracks
7. Changes
8. Torn
9. Thirty Days of Night
10. Sands of Time

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