Sunday, December 23, 2007

TIGERTAILZ: (1991) Banzai (Link Updated!!!)

Simply put, if you like fun rock & roll/metal - BUY THIS! I'll say it again, I simply can't understand how these guys were not big - even though they came along at the end of the "hair metal" era. This album is a collection of B-sides and singles that were put together for a Japan only release. It was re-mastered, along with Bezerk, and both were reissued. This is typical Tigertailz; songs with great hooks, big sing along choruses, but with maybe a little more edge.
Song highlights include: Murderess, Living Without You, She'z Too Hot and Taking The Pain. Also, fans of Metallica and Megadeth might think "who are these guys" to cover Creeping Death and Peace Sells - but the versions here are pretty good. They pretty much stick to the originals and don't try to change the songs. It also shows the harder edge that the band has.
If you are new to Tigertailz, as I was before Amazon recommended Bezerk to me, you would want to start there - but I would suggest getting both Bezerk and Banzai as they are both full of pure Glam-metal fun.

1. Murderess
2. Livin' Without You
3. Million Dollar Smile
4. She'z Too Hot (Live)
5. Creeping Death
6. Nine Livez
7. Peace Sellz
8. Taking the Pain
9. For a Few Dollarz More

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