Sunday, June 14, 2009

OLD MAN'S CHILD: [2003] In Defiance Of Existence [Century Media]

Despite traveling even farther away from black metal's roots, Old Man's Child is still one of the consummate death metal acts, mainly because In Defiance of Existence remains as uncompromisingly vicious as it is confidently experimental. Ambient keyboard swells rule the landscape, changing tempos and volume as often as necessary, but not too often to usurp the catchiness of the fast riffing and drum fills, making this disc the best of all worlds without sacrificing anything out of supposed contradictions. In a genre that is either black or white, Old Man's Child has released a disc that resides in gray areas previously unexplored and even feared unattainable, making the transformation from pedigreed players living on reputation alone to a force to be reckoned with.
-- by Brian O'Neill, Allmusic Guide

1.Felonies Of the Christian Art
2.Agony of Fallen Grace
3.Black Seeds On Virgin Soil
4.In Defiance Of Existence
5.Sacrifice Of Vengeance
6.The Soul Receiver
7.In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams
8.The Underworld Domains
9.Life Deprived - AMAZON
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