Saturday, June 20, 2009

T.N.T.:[2004] My Religion [Mayhem]

With a level of musicianship higher than the average hair metal band, Norway's TNT offered a prog-tinged take on pop-metal due largely to the stunning vocal range of lead singer Tony Harnell and the guitar technique of Ronni Le Tekro. Originally consisting of vocalist Dag Ingebrigtsen (aka D.D. Dynamite), bassist Steiner Eikum, and drummer Morten "Diesel" Dahl, TNT formed in the Norwegian town of Trondheim in 1982, releasing an eponymous, Norway-only debut later that year with all lyrics in Norwegian. When it failed to sell, Eikum left the band and was replaced by Morty Black; soon afterwards, Ingebrigtsen was replaced by New York native Tony Harnell. Harnell debuted on the band's first international album, 1984's Knights of the New Thunder (on which he was credited as the more Norwegian-sounding Tony Hansen). The band really began to hit its stride on 1987's Tell No Tales, although after that album's release, Dahl departed and was replaced by Kenneth Odiin.
-- by Steve Huey, Allmusic Guide

1.Invisible Noise
2.Shee Needs Me
3.Lonely Nights
4.My Religion
5.Give Me A Sign
7.You'll Be There
9.Live Today
10.Everybody's Got A Secret
11.Everything U R
12.Song 4 Dianne
13.The Last Word - AMAZON
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