Saturday, June 20, 2009

T.N.T.:[1988] Intuition [Mercury]

TNT is, in essence, a pop-metal group. That said, the band mops up the floor with most of their clueless contemporaries; with hyper-refined Euro-metal precision, TNT punctuates their tunes with loads of instrumental details, arrangement twists and turns, and a well-developed sense of melody. On Intuition, TNT delivers tightly wound pop-metal and grandiose power balladry, all of which is filtered through a decidedly European sense of sweeping romance and bombast. It all undoubtedly sounds dated and a bit soulless, but this is a strong effort from the band, nonetheless. Check out "Caught Between the Tigers" for a characteristically killer guitar riff from guitarist Ronnie Le Tekro.
-- by Andy Hinds, Allmusic Guide

1.A Nation Free (Intro)
2.Caught Between The Tigers
3.Tonight I'm Falling
4.End of the Line
6.Forever Shine On
7.Learn to Love
8.Ordinary Lover
9.Take Me Down (Fallen Angel)
10.Wisdom - AMAZON
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