Saturday, June 20, 2009

OMEN: [1989] The Best of Omen - Teeth of the Hydra

Throughout the '80s, glam metal, pop-metal and hair bands were huge on the L.A./Hollywood rock scene -- the Sunset Strip was inundated with bands that hoped to be the next Quiet Riot, Poison, or L.A. Guns. But when other L.A. bands were heavily into the glam scene, Omen was a power metal band first and foremost.When Kimball left Omen in 1987, Powell hired Coburn Pharr to be the band's new lead singer. Pharr appeared on 1988's Escape to Nowhere, and not long after that, Powell decided to discontinue Omen. But in 1996, Powell opted to revive Omen and assembled a new lineup that included Andy Haas on bass, Ricky Murray on drums, and Greg Powell on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Kenny Powell wanted to rehire Kimball as Omen's lead vocalist, but when he was unable to get ahold of him, he recruited his son Greg Powell. After singing on Omen's 1997 comeback album Recovering the Gates, Greg Powell decided to leave his father's band -- he was interested in pursuing a more contemporary alternative metal direction -- and put together his own band Stomping Ground. Greg Powell was replaced by Kevin Goocher, a veteran of Dallas' rock scene -- and in 2003, Omen's lineup of Kenny Powell, Kevin Goocher, Ricky Murray, and Andy Haas recorded Eternal Black Dawn for the Phoenix, AZ-based Crash Music. 2003 marked Omen's 20th anniversary.
by Alex Henderson, Allmusic Guide

1.Holy Martyr
3.Dragons Breath
4.Teeth of the Hydra
5.Battle Cry
6.The Curse
8.Bounty Hunter
9.Thorn in Your Flesh
10.Die By the Blade
11.Hell's Gates - AMAZON
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