Saturday, June 20, 2009

T.N.T.:[1992] Realized Fantasies [Atlantic]

1989's Intuition consolidated the stylistic gains of its predecessor, but the band soon found itself without a label, Polygram having lost interest in promoting them. Odiin left to remain home with his family, prompting the hire of American drummer Johnny Macaluso for 1992's Realized Fantasies, which was recorded for Atlantic. However, friction between the American and Norwegian portions of the group -- the former wanting more international success, the latter satisfied with popularity at home -- led to TNT's disintegration. Macaluso joined Riot, while Le Tekro and Black formed the more prog rock-oriented Vagabond, and Harnell performed with a mostly cover-tune project called Morning Wood. TNT reunited in 1996, featuring a lineup of Harnell, Le Tekro, Black, drummer Frode Hansen, and keyboardist Dag Stokke. They released the album Firefly in 1997, after which Harnell took a year's sabbatical; he returned in 1998, and TNT issued the new album Transistor the following year.
-- by Steve Huey, Allmusic Guide

1.Downhill Racer
2.Hard to Say Goodbye
3.Mother Warned Me
6.Purple Mountain's Majesty
7.Rock n' Roll Away
8.Easy Street
9.All You Need
10.Indian Summer - AMAZON
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