Friday, June 20, 2014

AVALANCH (--1997--) La Llama Eterna

The Asturian band Avalanch combines heavy metal with elements of hard rock, pop and folk. Their albums are published in several European and American countries, and they mostly tour in Latin America. They have been described as one of the "leading" Spanish-language heavy metal bands. La Llama Eterna is the first studio album by the Asturian power metal band Avalanch, released in 1997. This work was later released in English under the name Eternal Flame on April 17, 2002.

1.La Llama eterna
2.El mundo perdido
3.El despertar
4.Vicio letal
5.Esclavo de la ira
6.Avalon, la morada del rey
8.Sigue asi
9.Rainbow Warrior
10.Juego cruel
11.La taberna
13.El cierre de la taberna


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