Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anathema: (1993) Serenades + Crestfallen (CDVILE 34)

While Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride got more attention from underground doom metal fans, Liverpool natives Anathema were just as important in creating a new strain of doom (sometimes referred to as doom/death) that drew heavily from atmospheric goth metal and, in the early days, featured gruff death-style vocals. Guitar-playing brothers Vincent and Danny Cavanagh formed Anathema in 1990 with vocalist Darren White, bassist Duncan Patterson, and drummer John Douglas, and originally called themselves Pagan Angel. As Anathema, the band recorded a Black Sabbath/Paradise Lost-inspired demo titled An Iliad of Woes; another demo, 1991's All Faith Is Lost, and a Swiss single called "They Die" landed the group a deal with Peaceville Records. Anathema's first official recording, an EP titled The Crestfallen, was released in 1992, and followed the next year by the full-length Serenades, the most traditional doom-styled album in their catalog. After a tour, the group re-entered the studio in 1994 to record Pentecost III, a five-song mini-album that nonetheless ended up long enough to have qualified as a full-length. Delays prevented its release until the following year, by which time the group was already working on its next album. However, after recording had begun, Darren White left the group to form the Blood Divine, taking with him their sound's main connection to death metal. Vincent Cavanagh assumed lead vocal duties, with a cleaner, more accessible style that fit the newly atmospheric direction of the finished album. ++ Steve Huey

Disc One
1.Lovelorn Rhapsody
2.Sweet Tears
3.J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4.They (Will Always) Die
6.Sleep In Sanity
7.Scars Of the Old Stream
8.Under A Veil (Of Black Lace)
9.Where Shadows Dance
10.Dreaming: The Romance

Disc Two
1....And I Lust
2.The Sweet Suffering
5.They Die

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