Monday, April 9, 2012

Nazareth: (1971) Nazareth

Nazareth enjoyed phenomenal success during the 1970s, when they purveyed a brand of no-nonsense hard rock characterized by the grity vocals of Dan McCafferty, pitched against a tough selection of musical backdrops. Such was their hard-won following that they survived the punk years (albeit more strongly in territories outside the UK) and continue to record and tour regularly today.
Nazareth's roots date as far back as 1966, when Dan McCafferty (vocals) and Pete Agnew (bass) formed The Shadettes in the small town of Dunfermline, Scotland. Like many of their contemporaries, their set consisted of renditions of then popular songs, and they played small clubs and bars on the Scottish circuit. The Beat boom was just tailing off by then, and finding themselves in competition with many other bands; they struggled to make any real impact. After years of frustration, the band contemplated splitting up. They then teamed up with a local guitar player Manuel Charlton, in an attempt to break out to a higher level, and 'Manny', as he was known, was to become the catalyst that led to Nazareth coming together and finding a direction that would lead to greater things.
Interestingly Manny had already garnered some recording experience with 'The Mark IV' and the 'Redhawks'. This studio experience and Manny's interest in everything technical was to prove invaluable in years to come as he went on to produce many of their most successful albums.

1.Witchdoctor Woman
2.Dear John
3.Empty Arms
4.I Had A Dream
5.Red Light Lady
6.Fat Man
7.Country Girl
8.Morning Drew
9.The King is Dead
10.Friends (B-Side)
11.Spinning Top (Edit Alt. Take)
12.Dear John (Edit Alt. Take)
13.Morning Dew (Edit Alt. Take)
14.Friends (Edit Alt. Take)


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