Thursday, April 12, 2012

Y & T: (1976) Yesterday & Today

A legendary live band that arguably never managed to translate its electric on-stage intensity into its studio albums, Y&T stood within reach of the Grail of rock & roll stardom many times in their long career -- but through a series of mistakes, bad timing, and sheer bad luck, the ultimate prize always seemed to elude them in the end. Taking their name from a Beatles song, the group was originally formed as Yesterday & Today in San Francisco, around 1973, by vocalist and lead guitarist Dave Meniketti, bassist Phil Kennemore, and drummer Leonard Haze. After stealing rhythm guitarist Joey Alves from a rival band, the group began to gig constantly around the Bay Area, opening for such heavyweights as Journey and the Doobie Brothers, while building a strong local following. They were eventually signed to a contract by London Records, which released their eponymous debut in 1976 and its follow-up, Struck Down, two years later, but dropped the foursome when neither album delivered any hits. Luckily, the band persevered through a few lean years and was duly rewarded with a new long-term deal from A&M Records in 1981, signaling this fresh start by shortening its name to Y&T. ~~ Eduardo Rivadavia

1.Animal Women
2.25 Hours A Day
3.Game Playing Woman
4.Come On Over
5.My Heart Plays Too
7.Fast Ladies (Very Slow Gin)
9.Beautiful Dreamer


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