Thursday, April 12, 2012

Krokus: (1977) To You All

As Krokus moved toward a harder and leaner sound influenced by AC/DC, they decided they wanted a stronger vocalist, and Von Rohr moved to bass while Marc Storace, a former member of Eazy Money, became their new lead singer, joining in time for the sessions for 1980's Metal Rendez-Vous. By this time, Krokus had become a leading draw in Switzerland and Europe through steady touring, and were gaining momentum in England and the United States. 1982's One Vice at a Time was recorded after the band had signed a new management deal as well as a contract with Arista Records in the United States; it also marked the recorded debut of guitarist Mark Kohler after the departure of Tommy Kiefer. The album sold well and the songs "Long Stick Goes Boom" and "American Woman" (the latter a cover of the Guess Who's hit) became modest hits, but their biggest breakthrough in the United States came with 1983's Headhunter, which went platinum in America and gold in Canada and Switzerland, spawning the hits "Screaming in the Night" and "Eat the Rich." ~~ Mark Deming

1.Highway Song
2.To You All
4.Move It On
5.Mr. Greedy
6.Lonesome Rider
8.Trying Hard
9.Don't Stop Playing
10.Take It, Don't Leave It


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