Monday, July 28, 2008

CHINCHILLA: The Last Millennium (VBR)

But, let`s look at the music, after all, that`s what`s important. Unfortunately, the music also sounds a bit... sloppy. Well, maybe not exactly the music, the musicians do seem to play their part ok, but the mix could have been better. You hear vocals, guitar, rhythm section, an occasional keyboard, but often they seem to just not match. Especially the keyboard sounds out-of-place. And this is too bad, `cause the musicians seem to be able to play allright.
The riffs sound cool, and the vocalist can sing. I also have my doubts about their songwriting abilities. The songs are easy to sing along, but they don`t make much of a lasting impression. Some of the lyrics were translated and don`t sound too convincing. What`s wrong with singing in German? I also would prefer some more guitar and some less epic, story-telling vocals. And not every song has to be a singalong. Resorting to covers might seem an idea, but don`t, unless you can either do it better, or totally different. The Thin Lizzy-cover "The Boys Are Back In Town" is neither, so redundant. Save it for a live show. All in all, the basic idea of epic power-metal with strong riffs mixed with keyboards is a good one, but it would be advisable to put some more effort into the overall sound, the songwriting, and the mix. And use the spelling checker...
--- Tressy


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