Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TESTAMENT: First Strike Still Deadly

This CD is beyond amazing for fans of early TESTAMENT. The current band goes back and covers tracks from the first two albums. You gotta love it. Not unlike when SUICIDAL TENDENCIES covered their entire first album. What is even more surprising is that while giving all the old classics a kick in the ass they still manage to remain fairly true to them. The band doesn't infuse the old standards with their recent death metal sound at all, instead they recapture the thrashing glory of old gems like "First Strike is Deadly," "Burnt Offerings," "Over the Wall," and "The Haunting." They even invite original vocalist Steve Souza (who left to join EXODUS back when the band was still known as LEGACY and before the band had a record deal) to sing two old LEGACY-era tracks. I could listen to this for hours.
--- by Jeb Branin, In Music We Trust

.. First Strike Still Deadly
.. Into the Pit
.. Trial By Fire
.. Disciples of the Watch
.. The Preacher
.. Burnt Offerings
.. Over the Wall
.. The New Order
.. The Haunting
.. Alone in the Dark
.. Reign of Terror


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