Monday, July 28, 2008

HADES: (2000) The Downside (VBR)

'The Downside' is the band's fifth CD,and is considered by many of their fans to be their audio masterpiece(at least,so far).Only way I could describe Hades is they're good Scandinavian speed metal.Don't let their name scare you off,I doubt they're actually satantic as the name might imply.Impressive tracks are "Ground Zero N.Y.C.",the ass-kicking "Pay The Price","Shove It" and "Become Dust".Just possibly might appeal to fans of Mercyful Fate,Rammstein,Kreator and Fates Warning. And a band that rocks very hard. The new album is a far superior product than their last disc (although I enjoyed that one alot). Dan Lorenzo told me the production was better, the songs were longer and heavier and has a very upbeat attitude about it, as well as he should. Musically, the band mixes it up, ballads, mid-paced rockers and hard driving thrashers. Even the vocals are brilliant, Alan Tecchio (Watchtower, Non-Fiction) has a great vocal range, and proves it by belting out the tunes one after one. The opening track is a scorcher. "Pay The Price" is the closest thing to a "Dog Faced Gods" I have heard (Dave Lecinsky, the drummer, growls on this one). And it all works and flows with gleaming technical tenacity. Music with kahunas (I know that's spelled wrong... hmmm). Hades may be the most underrated band in metal today, and deserve far more attention. Ultra-cool stuff.


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