Monday, July 28, 2008

FATES WARNING: Night On Brocken (VBR)

You have to give this release 5 stars in my opinion. It's so ahead of it's time that even today this is very fresh sounding. Remastered to perfection, "Night On Broken" is without question one of the most underrated Heavy Metal debut releases of all time..... Those of you who are into the new age Fates Warning, like the utterly boring "A.P.S.O.G.", may not be all that interested in purchacing this masterpiece....Bluntly speaking, it's quite simply too good for your ears.
This, along with "The Spectre Within" and "Awaken The Guardian" are the best of the Fates Warning recording collection. Nothing they released after these gems were comparable in my opinion....
"No Exit" was a very simliar effort as far as musicianship is concerned, but the vocals of R. Adler left something to be desired compared to J. Arch. Arch found a different vocal area, more Heavy Metal so to speak. He was the Metal voice behind Fates, and I'll never know why they decided to replace him..... This is for all of the old school Fates fans. It's also for those of us who long for the heavy, quickly paced, intelligent mystic that the first three Fates releases captured so seemingly easily..... It's a timeless classic in my humble opinion, and should be recognized as one of the most impressive Heavy Metal debut releases of all time....


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